Wedding dress shopping is an extremely exciting time for any bride as they desperately search for ‘The Dress’.

It can take months for some women to find the perfect gown, but with others it jumps off the shelf straight away.

One bride-to-be was over the moon when she finally found the dress, and she couldn’t wait to surprise all her fiancé, friends and family with it on her special day.

She took her mum and a few others with her on the shopping trip, and asked them not to take photos as she didn’t want anyone else to see it until she walked down the aisle.

But she soon discovered her mum had sneakily taken a few photos and sent them around to other members of the family.

Unsure of what to do, she shared her story on the parenting website Mumsnet .

She wrote: "Went dress shopping Saturday, found THE dress, my mum was one of the people that came with me, I said no pics.

"Today my [sister-in-law] whats capped me say she loves my dress and how shes surprised that style suits me. Say my mother sent them a pic.

"Called mother, she says cheekily she had sneaked a couple of pics and not to worry, she has only showed my dad and my bro and [sister-in-law].

"Oh and Marge down the pub.

"I’m fuming"

Other people were equally outraged by her mum’s actions.

One wrote: "I’d be p***** off. I’d consider saying she’s ruined it for you and you’re going shopping for a different style. Then order the first one."

Another added: "I’d change it and not show her. What a cow."

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One particularly concerned parent wrote: "Your [darling mother] has paved the way to not be trusted. You would be wise to always remember that."

One woman replied: "Tell her no further details of the wedding. She’s proven she can’t hold her water, so to prevent any other ‘slip ups’, keep everything else to yourself. I’m sorry she’s spoiled the surprise."

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