ASOS has been applauded for posting unaltered images of models to their site. Why the fan excitement? Because, the models have stretch marks.

It would be great to think that this was a standard move, but the online retailer has actually taken an important and inspiring step in sharing these images. We’re all aware of the many uses of photoshop, with most brands airbrushing stretch marks, birth marks and other supposed “imperfections” before publishing. 

By sharing the images of the stunning models in swimwear – stretch marks included – ASOS has created a positive shopping environment. Stretch marks are normal and most women have them, why should brands pretend they don’t exist?

Fans were quick to voice their enthusiasm as the images started going viral, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Of course, some Twitter users questioned whether or not we should be “praising” ASOS for doing something they “should have done all along,” but we believe it’s a positive move that deserves the fan attention it’s getting. Bravo!

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