Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have few extra minutes in the mornings (bonus snooze time, woo) more space in your bathroom and save a bit of money too? We thought so, and to help, we’ve rounded up some clever multitasking products that can juggle several things almost as well as you do.

Coconut oil

Lip balm, hair treatment, cuticle oil, body moisturiser, bath oil, stretchmark cream, chafing rash ointment… coconut oil has been in the beauty spotlight for a while and women are slicking and slathering this sweet-smelling oil on anywhere and everywhere. You can’t knock it, it’s inexpensive, naturally antibacterial and antifungal, and an excellent moisturiser. Oh, and it tastes great on roasted vegies too.

Micellar water

No longer just the beauty secret of French girls, Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is now a staple ingredient in women’s bathrooms the World over. You might think of it as only a make-up remover but it actually has many uses: cleanser, toner, skin soother, make-up remover and retoucher (handy when you mess up your liquid liner) to name a few. It needs no rinsing afterwards, so you can swipe it over your face pre-make up to cleanse when you’re in a hurry or as a post make-up skincare do-it-all at the end of a long day.

Apple cider vinegar

Even if you’re not brave enough to chug a shot of ACV pre-breakfast (devotees claim it helps boost their digestion), it’s handy to have a bottle of the fermented crushed apple juice around the house. Mix it with olive oil for a punchy salad dressing. Add half a cup of vinegar to one cup of water for a natural, all-purpose cleaner. Mix a small capful in a glass of water and gargle with it to ease a sore throat, or drink it to soothe painful heartburn.  

Clear nail polish

Yes, it’s great for clean low-key manicure, but a bottle of clear polish can fix a lot of sticky little situations too. As well as stopping a ladder run in your tights and stockings, it also works to stick labels to mason jars for homemade food or storage. Brush a coat on top to make the label smudge proof too. Dip the end of a shoelace where the tip has come off in a bottle to stop it fraying. And if you don’t have superglue on hand, clear polish works for sticking stones back into costume jewellery.

Fitness tracker

Once used just to monitor the number of steps you took each day, the design of wearable fitness trackers has surged in recent years, so they’re now capable of so much more. A lot of modern trackers now also double up as calorie and sleep trackers, and ask you how much water you’re drinking. Fitbit now offer menstrual cycle tracking, which can help you see why you might be feeling more stressed, extra tired or inhaling Tim Tams on certain days.

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