You’re trying to lose weight and live healthy by restricting your diet, getting enough sleep, and working out, yet you feel as if it’s not working. Whatever you do, the scale just won’t budge, or you find your figure still the same whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, which leaves you feeling frustrated.

But, is it really? Just because you feel you’re not losing any weight or you’re not in shape, doesn’t mean your health is deteriorating. The health experts reveal the signs you’re healthy and in shape.

You can Jog or Walk With Ease

A person in top shape can keep up with working out or having physical activities with their peers.

According to health experts, another sign that you’re healthy and in shape is if you can walk or jog leisurely. You can do these exercises at a moderate pace and can keep up with your peers without breathing heavily. Other things you can do are climbing stairs and hiking. If you feel you’re able to control your breathing, then you’re in shape more than you think. The health experts also add breathing heavily is a sign you may be out of shape.

Normal Heart Rate

According to the renowned athlete Nikki Walter, you’re healthy and in great physical shape if you have a lower heart rate and your heart pumps stronger beats more efficiently. She also recommends checking your pulse rate in the morning to get the most accurate reading. According to her, a normal heart rate ranges from 60-100 beats per minute. Any number higher than the normal range may indicate heart disease, high blood pressure, and other health issues.

You Recover Quickly

Aside from paying attention to your workout routine, Walter also recommends observing your recovery time. According to her, your breathing is likely to recover in less than five minutes if your heart rate is normal and healthy. Walter recommends recording your pulse rate after you’re done working out to determine how quickly it goes down and return to your normal heart rate. If you’re still breathing heavily and exhausted after working out, this may be a sign you’re out of shape.

You Establish a Consistent Exercise Routine

Even if you’re not seeing major results, getting enough exercise every week does make a lot of difference not only in your body but in your health too. According to the American Heart Association, just by having 150 minutes of exercise spread out per week or having two days of strength training is a great step towards getting fit. The organization also recommends adults to have at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week. If not, at least do a HIIT workout for 25 minutes three times per week.

Your Parenting Responsibilities Becomes Easier

Thanks to you being in shape, you’re able to enjoy doing things with your kids.

According to Walter, parenting is a difficult responsibility for parents. Aside from the stress of providing your children’s needs, you also need to take care of them. This can be a tiring and daunting task if you’re not physically fit. You’ll end up getting exhausted the moment you crawl around on the floor, push the strollers, run after your kids, or even carry them around. But if you’re able to carry your 20-pound baby with ease, then it’s a sign you’re in perfect shape.

You Welcome Climbing the Stairs

Which appeals to you better: climbing the stairs or taking the elevator or escalator? Most people tend to take the latter due to its convenience. They don’t want to spend time climbing the stairs and risk getting sweaty and panting as they catch their breath the moment they reach the top step. However, Walter says those people who are in shape aren’t afraid of taking the stairs. Instead, they use this opportunity to exercise and get their body moving!

You Do a Variety of Workouts

Most people tend to stick to one type of exercise which usually makes them comfortable. While it’s recommended to enjoy your exercise, Walter says you should do other exercises once in a while. Most healthy people that are in shape are challenged by the variety of exercises they can try. They try varying their exercise from running, strength training, yoga, bell workouts, etc. to challenge their body into trying something new.

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