We’ve marveled at Dwayne Johnson’s exploits for years, watching him morph from the brash WWE superstar known as The Rock to the suave movie and TV star we see today—but until now, we’ve never exactly been able to put ourselves in his shoes.

That changes today with the release of the Under Armour Project Rock 1 (PR1), Johnson’s very first signature shoe with the company (the UA x Project Rock Delta wasn’t designed for him, so they don’t technically count).

Under Armour

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Menshealth.com got to try the kicks out early and talked to PR1 lead designer Justin Howe, who shared what it was like to create the shoes for a star who trains as hard as he shines.

“Everything starts with Dwayne,” said Howe. “We collaborated with him all the way from the very first sketch all the way to production. It’s really extensive.”

Johnson had input on everything about the shoe, from the aesthetic inspiration to the materials to the final design. In a sense, Under Armour’s message is that the PR1 isn’t a shoe built for The Rock—it’s a shoe built by The Rock.

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A Shoe Built By The Rock

Fittingly for a man who finds refuge in the gym and calls his personal traveling facility “The Iron Paradise,” the trainers are built to take a beating.

“I don’t know if there’s anyone more focused and pushes himself to the max in the gym more than Dwayne,” Howe said. “When he put something to the test, it is beat up.”

Under Armour

The high top is deceptively light, no doubt thanks to the knit construction that hugs the wearer’s ankle. The knit gives way to a synthetic overlay with forefoot webbing to keep the fit snug, although people with narrow feet and runners might find them roomier than other kicks they’re accustomed to wearing. That’s not a problem, though—ample cushioning from Under Armour’s Micro G midsole makes it a cozy fit.

Howe says that’s to give your foot the ability to splay, and almost “grip the ground with your toes.”

“It’s more of a lockdown, rather than a squish,” he said.

We laced up the PR1, and that’s a fairly apt description of the fit.

Under Armour

The heel of the PR1 is clearly built for weightlifters, who typically favor trainers that offer platforms, like the Adidas Adipower, for their forceful moves. The heel is made out of a TPU compound specific to Under Armour, according to Howe, which aims to stabilize the heel. “It eliminates compression of the foam when you’re lifting heavy weights,” he said. “Traditional solutions for lifting shoes are things like wood wedges—this provides that functionality in a much lighter weight solution, and the foam underneath provides just enough cushioning, flexibility, and softness to not hurt a run or other active movements.”

That’s important for Johnson, who switches up his workout routine to add movement-based training and puts a massive strain on whatever kicks he’s wearing.

Other, smaller details of the design are a result of the unique pounding the 6’5″, 260-ish lb. Johnson gives his gym shoes.

“You can see there’s a big stitch that runs from the heel pull tab all the way down to reinforce extra stitches. Even the thread has been beat down around the stitches,” said How. “If things look a little bit beefy, it’s because it’s been built and tuned specifically for someone of his size and power and strength.”

Color for a Cause

The PR1’s Memorial Day release isn’t a coincidence—and neither is the color scheme. Johnson chose the blue, white, and accent of red to honor US service men and women, who he chooses to support vocally on social media and by donating equipment for a gym to Joint Base Pearl Harbor. The only deviation from the flag is The Rock’s signature Brahma Bull logo, which shows up on the heel in gold.

Under Armour

The shoe is out now in limited quantities from Under Armour, with a wider release coming later this summer. Once fully launched, the kicks will cost $120.

We need to put some more work in the gym with the shoe to really know how it handles the wear and tear of a Rock-like regimen—but after the first few wears, the PR1 feels comfortable, and more importantly, sturdy and stable. None of us will ever become The Rock—but if his kicks can live up to their design legacy, we’ll at least be able to train like him.

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