Just isolating one muscle group at a time doesn’t do much to fast-track a pokey metabolism. The moves that get your heart and muscles pumping and your metabolism churning like a finely-tuned machine are dynamic, full-body, high-intensity exercises.

One move that checks all those boxes: Dumbbell Squat Thrusters. You can reap great muscle-shaping and metabolic rewards by committing to just this exercise! All you need is a set of 5 to 10kg dumbbells and five minutes of free time. Perform one minute of Thrusters, followed by 20 seconds of recovery, and repeat four times for a quick but effective workout. 

How to do Dumbbell Squat Thrusters

Trainer Tip: If your dumbbells are light enough, it won’t be necessary to lift your heels off of the ground. If the added impact bothers your body, keep your feet glued to the floor in Step 3. 

This article originally appeared on Prevention US.

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