Outdoor Voices sale

If you’re into athleisure, the odds are pretty high that you dig Outdoor Voices. The brand has a cult following with people who want to go from the gym to RL without changing (so, everyone) thanks to its pretty designs and high-quality fabric.

Of course, all that doesn’t come cheap so when Outdoor Voices is having a sale, people pay attention. Right now, the brand is offering up to 40 percent off (!) of select products on its website, so…it’s time to shop. Here’s what’s worth adding to cart:

1. 3/4 Warmup Legging

Is this a workout legging or just a really awesome pair of pants? Nobody can tell, which is why these are so freaking amazing. The Warmup Legging has various seams that help hug your body, and is now just $54.

2. Full-Length Warmup Legging

Oh hey, these also comes in full-length—and for the same reduced price! So…there’s pretty much zero reason not to get a pair.

3. FreeForm Bra

Most sports bras have a similar shape which is, frankly, kinda boring. But the FreeForm bra (now $39!) has a cool square neckline and V-shaped back—perfect for showing off.

4. Tri-Tone Slashback Crop

This chic crop is somewhere between a sports bra and a top. It features three colors, so you can match it with a bunch of things, and has a surprising cut-out in the back for an extra pop. Also, it’s $39.

5. TechSweat Flex Short

Leggings are amazing and all, but sometimes it’s just too freaking hot to wear anything but shorts. Enter the TechSweat Flex Short—it helps you stay comfy and cool, and even has a little pocket to throw your keys into. At $34, they’re practically giving these away.

6. Merino Shortstop Tee

Good T-shirts are surprisingly hard to find, which is why it’s so damn exciting that the super-soft Merino Shortstop Tee is on sale for $39.

7. Merino Plie Wrap

When you cruise out of a late-night class, sometimes you need a little something to throw over your gear. The Merino Plie Wrap, now $49, will keep you comfy—while making you look like a freaking prima ballerina.

8. Stretch Crepe Jacket

Jackets are probably the last thing on your mind right now, but fall is coming. (Sorry.) And the Stretch Crepe Jacket won’t be on sale for $89 forever.

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