If you squeezed in (or more like didn’t do anything else aside from) a Netflix sesh over the weekend, you might have caught the kickarse new comedy called Glow.

The series, about a 1980’s women’s pro wrestling circuit, stars Alison Brie who, BTW, did ALL of her own impressive stunts.

If looks could kill. #GLOW

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Health recently spoke to her trainer Jason Walsh (who also works with the likes of Irina Shayk, Minka Kelly and Sara Sampaio) about how the tiny actress got her body ready to be thrown around the ring.

“We had to make her resilient, and in making her resilient, I wanted to make sure that she was really strong,” he told Health. “The type of stunt work that she was doing was like jumping off a rope and landing on her back. My game plan was ultimately to get her as strong as possible.”

Walsh says he focused on four ‘complex, compound exercises’ working the entire body: hip thrusts, farmers walks, sled pushes and deadlifts.

He also favoured moves that worked the body’s largest muscle group.

“[Glutes] are really the most important muscle to me in the body,” Walsh says.

“The stronger we can get the glutes, it really transfers to everything that we do.”

Walsh has featured plenty of his inspiring workouts with Brie on his Instagram, with videos showing her doing chin ups, piggybacks and medicine ball throws.

And did we mention she can deadlift 75kgs? The girl’s a boss. 

Want to strengthen your glutes, too? Try these moves…

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