If there’s a controversial food group most people debate, it’d be carbs. Some people claim eating carbs help boost their energy, aid in weight loss, and in muscle development. Meanwhile, others claim that not eating carbs will force your body into activating the fat-burning state of ketosis, which also triggers weight loss. With these conflicting principles, which is the best method for weight loss? According to a new study, the latter method helps you lose weight faster and easier.

The Study

According to a new study published in BMJ journal, the researchers assessed over 164 overweight or obese people. They found the group who eats a high-fat and low-carb diet lose weight as their metabolisms increased compared to those group who practiced the reverse diet. The researchers also found the low-carb group burned about 250 or more calories per day compared to the high-carb group. The entirety of the study lasted for five months.

The researchers claim the popular “Counting Calories” method isn’t effective anymore to lose weight.

According to the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, DrPH, the study confirms that high-carb, sugar, and a starch diet lowers your metabolism, causing you to gain more weight.

Meanwhile, switching your lifestyle to low-carb diet changes your body burn rate, causing it to burn the stored fats in your body to lose weight. Furthermore, the researchers observed how the metabolic difference between two groups was large, more than enough to explain the yo-yo effect most people often experience when they try losing weight.

A Revolutionary Discovery

The researchers recommend you consult with your attending physician or a registered dietitian to formulate the best diet according to your lifestyle, needs, and preferences.

The researchers also found the calories in, calories out (CICO) mentality may not be enough and effective to lose weight. They recommend people to focus on picking the quality of food they eat, rather than relying on quantity.

Despite this revolutionary discovery about weight loss, the researchers suggest not every body is the same. This may mean you need to eat more carbs to boost your energy if you’re active or an athlete or are limiting your carb-intake like in the keto diet to help you lose weight. More importantly, people should keep in mind a diet only works if you keep it long-term or treat it as your lifestyle change.

How to Do a Low-carb Diet Properly?

The health experts recommend these tips to make your low-carb diet plan effective.

Time Your Carb Intake

Eating carbs while exercising helps fuel your body before your intense workout routine. Eating your post-workout snacks also promote muscle recovery.

One of the main reasons why carbs are often seen as the culprit of weight gain and chronic disease is because it spikes your blood sugar whenever you consume any. However, the researchers say you can time-in your carb-intake without spiking your blood sugar levels.

They recommend you eat carbs before, during, and after exercise. In this way, you can eat carbs to your heart’s content without worrying about gaining weight and spiking your blood sugar.

Don’t Eat Processed Carbs

Most people think they can use the low-carb diet as an excuse to eat processed carbs. After all, you’re only eating a small portion so it shouldn’t wreck your diet, right? That’s where you’re wrong. The researchers remind you should eat high-quality carbs instead of processed ones.

Stay away from eating complex and processed carbs rich in starch and refined sugar. Eating carbs while exercising helps fuel your body before your intense workout routine.

Use Supplements Wisely

According to researchers, it’s only natural if you’re irritable and craving intensely during the first few months of having a low-carb diet. The researchers recommend you take supplements including chromium and vanadium like L-tryptophan or amino acids, Thermofactor, etc., to help curb your cravings.

If you want to regulate your insulin levels and blood sugar while eating carbs, you can take Kion Lean rich in wild bitter melon and rock lotus.

Keep Yourself Hydrated.

Not only does water help in keeping your body healthy, but it also helps regulate your carb cravings. Water is also essential for beta-oxidation to trigger the burning of fats in your body. It’s important to keep yourself hydrated since the increased burning rate can lose a significant amount of stored water in your body.

If you’re tired of drinking plain water, you can have some variations by adding lime or lemon to flavor your beverage.

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