Learn how to hold crow pose – where hands are planted on the floor, shins rest upon upper arms, and feet lift up.

If, like us, you’ve always wanted to master the crow (arguably the most iconic yoga pose out there), then this challenge is for you. 

Last week saw the launch of the four-week crow pose challenge hosted by Strong Women Training Club’s Adrienne Everett. With a new class released every Wednesday throughout July, the series consists of four yoga flows that will prepare you for the final challenge: holding a crow pose for up to 10 seconds. 

Suitable for beginners, each flow lasts a maximum of 40 minutes and has been curated specifically to focus on building the upper body strength required to unlock the strongest crow pose. In addition to improving strength, completing this series will benefit flexibility and form. 

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to join from the beginning, the challenge is available on-demand at the training club for you to complete in your own time.

As a member of the training club you also get access to:

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