She’s a model and entrepreneur at the height of her career, but that’s not the main reason we’re girl-crushing on Jessica Hart right now. Her current food obsession? Bacon. And a little-known fact that proves how down-to-earth she really is? Even better!

“I have double-jointed hips – do you want to see?” she tells WH, before standing up and popping her hips in and out.

The surprising revelation came when we caught up with New York-based Hart, 30, after an epic outdoor spin class in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens. The force behind natural cosmetics line LUMA and former WH cover star flew in the night before to join lingerie brand Triumph (she’s an ambassador) for the launch of its Triaction range – think super-supportive but light and easy-to-wear sports bras.

Ideal for a sweaty spin session, which – as it turns out – is one of the seasoned traveller’s favourite ways to power through jet lag. Over to Hart for her on-the-road workout, beauty secrets and perfect pizza order.

Your favourite way to workout?

I like to mix it up. I like spin class because it’s quick – 45 minutes, you can just bang it out and go home. I like things that are to the point. Also Pilates and just working out with my trainer. We do a lot of everything – burpees, push-ups, lunges, star jumps, mountain climbers and TRX, which is really good. A lot of core stuff.

Your three must-haves for a workout?

This Triaction bra. My new love. I have a lot of trouble fitting myself into regular sports bras – I can’t even lift my arms in a class without my boobs falling out the bottom – so I really need this one when I’m doing anything now. Then just a bottle of water and sneakers.

Top exercise track?

I don’t have a particular one but anything upbeat… it just has to have a serious beat. That’s what I like about spin classes – the music starts going and it gets you into the zone.

Your fitness partner?

A girlfriend in New York. I’ve been dragging her along to my PT sessions, which makes it a lot more fun.

Your active wear essentials?

Less is more. I literally wear my sports bra and leggings.

The key to exercise when you’re travelling?

I usually travel for a few days at a time so I’m more likely to just work out every day when I’m at home, then if I’m away for a week I try to give myself a break. But if I’m really being good, I do a little series of push-ups, lunges and sit-ups in my hotel room. In a small space there’s only so much you can do, but lunges work your legs and butt, crunches or sit-ups do your stomach, and push-ups do your arms, back, shoulders and breasts.

The secret to a comfortable flight?

Comfortable pants! I always have to drink so much water, too. I’ve always been able to sleep on flights so I’m really lucky. People who have trouble sleeping… it must be one of the worst things in the world.

How you power through jet lag?

A workout’s a good idea. Also water and being outside – they say your body knows what time of day it is wherever you are, so if you can get as much fresh air as possible it really does help. I literally have my head outside the window of a car when I arrive somewhere!

Are you a yogi?

I do a little bit, but my sister [Ashley] is much more of a yoga buff that I am. I prefer more hard and fast and quick to the point, although a lot of yoga classes are quite difficult. She’s a teacher, so whenever I’m in a class with her I feel like I have to perform extra well because she’ll critique me!

Your best fitness or health advice?

The thing I’ve learned that works best is just switching it up. If you always do the same thing your body’s just going to get used to it and it won’t be as effective, whereas if you keep changing up your workouts, it’s like tricking your muscles.

How you love to spend down time?

With my dog Floyd – he’s a tiny little Yorkshire Terrier. I take him for walks and to the park. He’s a registered emotional support animal so I can take him to restaurants and anywhere in New York City.

Your guilty pleasure TV show?

Where do I start? I love 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.

Go-to energy snack?

Right now I’m loving bacon. It’s so good. If it’s good, grass-fed… Bacon and avocado.

Your ultimate comfort food?

Probably pizza. I like a Capriciosa.

Beauty essentials you couldn’t do without?

My Luma Cosmetics Illuminating Highlighter and Tinted Moisturiser. And my Caudalie face spray. When I discovered highlighter, I was like ‘this is the most amazing product in the world’. If you use it right, it gives you a natural glow so you look a little fresh and not like you’re wearing too much make up. I always put it on the highs of my cheeks and on the high of my eyebrow bone.

The beauty secret you wish every woman knew?

How to love themselves.

Your biggest beauty mistake or regret?

I think it involved blue eye shadow.

Beauty approach when exercising?

Nothing. I always have to do my workouts in the morning. If I don’t do it then, I dread it all day and don’t end up going, so I have to get out of bed, put on my gym gear and I’ll be lucky if I brush my teeth. Oh, and a ponytail – there’s nothing worse than having hair on your face when you’re trying to work out.

The last thing that really made you laugh?

Strangely enough I watched Manchester by the Sea on the plane here, which is really good but not a comedy at all. There’s this hilarious scene in a car…

The motto you live by?

As a joke I usually always say, if it doesn’t budge, kick it. Also, be the best ‘you’ you can be.

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