Looking for a bit of external motivation to get stretching and strengthening? Look no further…

Chaotic times call for calming habits – and what better to commit to than lengthening, strengthening and breathwork-heavy workouts such as yoga, barre and pilates? The benefits of these low-impact practices are numerous, from reduced stress and injury risk to increased core strength and balance. But let’s face it, knowing the health benefits of exercise isn’t always terribly motivating when you’re feeling tired or busy.

When it’s cold and dark, or you just can’t be bothered, you need a little external motivation. And we find that wearing a bloody nice bit of kit is often all that’s required to get us up and moving. While you might not feel comfortable heading into the office or a café wearing your running kit, yoga and pilates sets are more socially acceptable. Heck, most of us only started wearing jeans again after two years of yoga pants this summer.

With that in mind, these are just a few of our favourite soft sets that are perfect for low-impact workouts, café coffees and working-from-home days. And… if you’re me, the office.  

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  • Gym + Coffee Lotus Rib Knit Bra and Legging in Lilac

    Best soft sets for yoga, pilates and barre: Gym + Coffee

    This set might be ribbed but we guarantee that it’s also one of the comfiest kits on the market. Stretchy, seamless and reliably stable, you can bend and stretch to your heart’s content – safe in the knowledge that your leggings won’t move and you’re fully supported on top.

    It’s also made from recycled materials and is thick enough to serve as the perfect all-day outfit for this time of year.

    Sizes available: S-L 

    Shop Gym + Coffee Lotus Rib Knit Bra, £40, and Legging, £32.50 

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  • Sweaty Betty Super Soft Yoga Leggings and Gym Vest

    Best soft sets for yoga, pilates and barre: Sweaty Betty

    It’s called ‘super soft’ for a reason. The fabric is supportive and breathable, with snug compression in the leggings and freeing details.

    This set is specifically made for yoga, barre and pilates – no wonder the fabric is 90% squat-proof. And we think it’s ideal for a post-class drink too.

    Sizes available: XXS-XXL 

    Shop Sweaty Betty Super Soft Yoga Leggings, £90, Gym Vest £65 

    Buy now

  • Alo High Waisted Alosoft Lounge Legging and Amelia Luxe Long Sleeve Crop

    Best soft sets for yoga, pilates and barre: Alo Yoga

    If you’re looking for sleek yoga gear that looks and feels like snuggly loungewear, this is it. These lounge leggings are all about softness… with a performance edge. The material stretches four ways (goodbye leggings that feel too tight over the quads and too loose around the crotch) and is moisture-wicking.

    As for the top, this long-sleeve crop is reversible, so you’ve got two styles in one. Wrap around the front for yoga or wrap around the back for pilates. It’s the perfect top for slinging on during savasana or for yin yoga sessions. 

    Sizes: XS-L 

    Shop Alo High Waisted Alosoft Lounge Legging, £98 and Amelia Luxe Long Sleeve Crop, £54 

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  • Varley Let’s Move Super High Rise Legging 25 and Kellam Bra

    Best soft sets for yoga, pilates and barre: Varley

    Flow safe in the knowledge that your buttery-soft seamless high-rise leggings aren’t going anywhere. They’re quick to wick away moisture while maintaining breathability, and – crucially – they have a concealed pocket.

    We love the wrapped design on the bra, which lends a cosy aspect to a medium-support top. You won’t have any problems with downward dog.

    Sizes available: XXS-XL  

    Shop Varley Let’s Move Super High Rise Legging 25, £78 and Kellam Bra, £56 

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  • Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant and Bra

    Best soft sets for yoga, pilates and barre: Lululemon

    Lululemon is famous for creating leggings and tops so soft that you won’t be able to take them off on your rest days. There’s a reason why half the people shopping in supermarkets are wearing Lulu leggings despite having never been in pigeon pose.

    Anyway, if you did want to wear a pair on the mat, this bra and leggings set has been made from the brand’s own Nulu fabric. It’s weightlessly soft, comfy and has just the right level of support for low-impact activity. Oh, and there’s a bonus point for the fact that you can remove the cups in the bra.

    Sizes available: UK 6-18 (US 2-14)   

    Shop Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant 28 £88 and Align Bra, £34 

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  • YMO Balance Bra and Daybreak Full Length Legging

    Best soft sets for yoga, pilates and barre: YMO

    This little lot also has a matching vest, in case you wanted to rock a three-piece – which you might, once you clock just how soft and sustainable they are. This kit is made from plastic bottles in a Bluesign-certified factory. That means it’s been recognised for having high levels of care for workers and the planet.

    With a compressive fit, soft materials and a waistband pocket, YMO is proof that you don’t have to compromise on quality for sustainability.

    Sizes available: XS-L  

    Shop YMO Balance Bra, £45 and Daybreak Full Length Legging, £60 

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  • Tala Skinluxe High Waisted Flared Legging and Race Strap Sports Bra

    Best soft sets for yoga, pilates and barre: Tala

    Flared leggings? For yoga? Yep – that’s the 70s soft life Tala is currently pedalling. This pair is made from 100% recycled material, is lightweight and, again, buttery-smooth. And thanks to the flared ends, we think that this set is possibly the most versatile of all. 

    Forget office-to-bar fashion; this set is office-to-barre. Chuck a shirt on for the day then whip it off once you get in the studio. Ideal.

    Sizes available: XS-XL  

    Shop Tala Skinluxe High Waisted Flared Legging, £56 and Racer Strap Sports Bra, £34 

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