Simpson celebrated her daughter’s 1st birthday in style with some cheetah-print balloons. The mom of three wrote a sweet message to her 1-year-old on Instagram: “Happy 1st Birthday my angel Birdie Mae! You have created in me a healing purposeful life to live most fully and love most deeply. With you my soul has been set free to the beauty of pure light. You guide me to shine because your heartbeat connected me to mine. Sweet baby girl, you have illuminated all of our worlds with your bright mystical star-bursting smile. I am forever yours, you are forever mine. Life get ready because the both of us were born ready. I love you! πŸ’•”

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Birdie Mae looked like a star in her jammies on the eve of her 1st birthday! 

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“Someone is ready for her first Super Bowl πŸˆπŸ’šπŸˆ,” Simpson captioned a photo of Birdie in 49ers gear. Her dad, Eric Johnson played for the team from 2001 to 2006. 

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“Thank you God for protecting this baby Birdie from the flu πŸ™πŸΌπŸ¦‹,” Simpson captioned this heartmelting photo after revealing on Instagram that her whole family, minus little Birdie, recently “got kicked in the butt with the flu.”

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Birdie could not look any cuter in her oversized purple hood in this family shot taken in Aspen, Colorado over the holidays.

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Big sis Maxi Drew, Simpson and Birdie matched in leopard pajamas on Christmas Eve as they waited for Santa to arrive.

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“Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from our family to yours πŸŽ„,” Simpson captioned her festive family photo.

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“Baby Birdie is the cherry on top of my precious family πŸ’š,” Simpson wrote of her youngest. 

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Mommy’s little peacock! Birdie was, you guessed it, a bird for her first Halloween! 

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Would you check out those dimples!? Birdie is her mama’s “dimple double!” 

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“We just get each other 😍 #BIRDIEMAE,” Simpson said on Oct. 5.

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“While the other 2 kiddos are off at school, this little lady and I snuggle a lot,” the mom of three confessed on Sept. 10.

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Nothing makes this mama happier than coming home to her little girls!

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“6 months already?!? 😭,” Simpson captioned this photo on Sept. 19. We can’t believe it either! Birdie is growing up so fast. 

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Not everyone was all smiles about Eric Johnson turning 40! 

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“My little labor of love this year,” Simpson captioned this sweet shot on Sept. 3. 

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“Aloha from my girls 🌺,” Simpson captioned this summery photo of sisters Maxi Drew and Birdie Mae.

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Birdie was the perfect size for Simpson’s “post workout snuggles” in early August.

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“Dimples & Drool,” Mom appropriately captioned this heart-warming snap.

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“This bird couldn’t be more adorable #BlueEyedBeauty #BIRDIEMAE,” the proud mom of three said on Aug. 9.

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“Today is a good day,” Simpson wrote of a smiley July 2 shot.

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Mom posted a throwback to Birdie’s arrival to pay tribute to husband Eric Johnson on Father’s Day. 

“Anyone that knows my husband Eric would agree that he is hands down the best Father in the world. Happy Father’s Day baby! Thank you for always putting love first. This family of 5 loves you with all of our hearts,” she shared in her caption.

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“Cutest dimples I ever did see (said with some thick southern accent in my head),” the proud mom wrote on Instagram.

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Baby Birdie was comfy cozy in her Aristot basinette in early June.

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Of big brother Ace, Simpson wrote, “I love the way he loves her.”

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Big sister Maxi got the same treatment: “I love the way she loves her,” Simpson shared.

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Super-psyched Ace, skeptical Birdie.

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“These ladies make my heart burst with love sprinkles,” Simpson wrote alongside a photo of her two daughters.

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Grandma Tina Simpson came by in May for some “Sunday snuggles,” Mom shared.

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On Mother’s Day, Simpson posted a new pic of her daughter, writing, “Birdie you steal my heart.”

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Simpson wished her fans a good nights rest with an adorable photo of her baby girl, writing, “Nighty Night friends.”

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The new mom celebrated “a Birdie Mae Sunday” with an adorable photo of her baby girl.

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In honor of eldest child Maxwell’s 7th birthday in May 2019, Simpson shared a shot of the whole happy family.

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Birdie’s shirt says it all: don’t wake a sleeping baby!

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Simpson joked her daughter was “rollin’ into the weekend” in a sweet Instagram.

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Easter 2019 called for a photo of the Johnsons in their coordinated Sunday best — a sleeping Birdie included. 

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Welcome to the world, Birdie! In an Instagram post announcing the baby’s arrival, Simpson shared an image of her daughters holding hands.

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About six weeks after Birdie’s birth, Simpson shared photos from inside the delivery room.

“Eric and I had both of our families and some of our best friends there to welcome her, it was very special,” she said. “When my doctor went back to the waiting room to deliver the news that Birdie had arrived healthy, they apparently cheered so loud you could hear it all the way to the next unit of the hospital.”

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