We interrupt your Monday evening with some beauty-related, potentially controversial news: People are saying Rihanna's eponymous beauty brand, Fenty Beauty, may have been duped by Primark. The well-known, affordable Irish retailer announced its new beauty line, Pure, on its Instagram page on August 19 and it's already making waves. The post in question showcased a video clip featuring a model wearing makeup from the collection, as well as the products, some of which have seemingly similar packaging to Fenty's products.

The Pure line includes various items like lip gloss, eye shadow palettes, and highlighter, and since the unveiling of the line has sparked conversation on social media, as reported by Teen Vogue. People were quick to point out the similarities between the appearance of the Pure products and Fenty Beauty's products in the comment section on Primark's post, writing things like, "Oh my god this is such a Fenty rip off" and "Fenty for us poor peeps."

According to commenters, the visible "dupes" in Primark's line are its highlighters ($3), an eye shadow palette ($5), and its lip products ($3). The price points of Fenty Beauty's products are higher, with its famous highlighters running for $34, eye shadow palettes for almost $60, and lip products costing up to $24, but it's a cost many folks are more willing to pay for this newly beloved brand. After all, Fenty Beauty's makeup has received high praise time and again, which is why many fans feel the products are worth every penny. That said, reviews of Primark's collection have been mostly positive, with some people on Twitter praising the aforementioned eye shadow palettes.

As for now, it's somewhat difficult to get your hands on Primark's Pure line if you live in the States, as its U.S. website isn't shoppable yet. However, there are eight standalone stores in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Still, we can't be sure these stores will sell Pure's products, but we'll be sure to keep you updated. In the meantime, check out the products for yourself on primark.com to form your own opinion on the new affordable collection.

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Allure reached out to Primark for comment and will update this post accordingly.

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