A kidney donor was gifted a Harley-Davidson from the bloke who got the organ.

Elaine Garner had never expected anything in return when she decided to help her brother-in-law.

And she was left speechless when Jaffa Shamsuddin spent £8,500 on the bike plus £2,500 on a number plate.

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Elaine, 52, and her partner Steve Jones, 57, had sold their own collection of classic bikes as part of a house move.

Jaffa, 57, said: “I knew how much she missed her Harley-Davidson. So I couldn’t think of any way better than replacing the one she had to give up. I know she didn’t want anything for doing it, but I was determined to mark the special thing she did for me.”

Jaffa, a former squaddie from Bromsgrove, Worcs, was diagnosed with kidney disease at a medical check.

Elaine, from Portsmouth, said: “What can you say when you receive such an incredible gift. He’s an amazing guy. I was in tears.”

The tech company employment manager was diagnosed with advanced kidney disease out of the blue when he had a medical check for life assurance.

Jaffa’s wife and Elaine’s sister, Sandra, said, 58, “Jaffa’s a wonderful and generous man. Elaine and Jaffa get on really well and she would do anything to help him.

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"He just had this brilliant idea to get the bike because he knew how much Elaine missed having a bike. He couldn’t have thought of a better thank you.

"She was gobsmacked when the box was opened and there stood this gleaming Harley.”

We recently reported that a vegetarian who previously had to have her heart valve replaced with one from a pig, has finally received a new valve from a human donor.

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Robyn Cairney’s was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect back in 2009 and made the “difficult decision” to have gruelling surgery to replace her narrowing aortic valve with a pig’s heart valve.

But five years on that valve failed and was replaced with one from a cow. But now she finally has one from a human donor.

  • To join the donor register head online to organdonation.nhs.uk.


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