Sweating is a natural and healthy part of life. As stated by Insider, it is how the body cools itself down. However, 2.8% of people in the United States alone experience hyperhidrosis, which is excessive sweating in the feet, hands, and armpits. Healthline noted that primary hyperhidrosis does not have a specific medical cause, while secondary hyperhidrosis may be the result of something like a medical condition or an infection. A person may be sweating more than usual due to the following reasons, as well: hormonal changes, medications, anxiety, and alcohol/drug withdrawals.

What is eaten can even lead to more-than-usual perspiration. Dermatologist Tara L. Kaufmann told Insider that spicy foods, processed foods, and salty foods can contribute to this problem. A trip to the doctor’s office may be needed if someone is heavily dealing with this issue, though there are easy steps that can be taken in order to try and reduce all the extra sweat.

There are ways to cut down on excessive perspiring

Prevention noted that clinical-strength antiperspirant, botox (which has been known to assist in this area), and trying to stay calm can reduce excessive sweating. Self also included that absorbent powders can help soak up perspiration, especially in shoes. The publication pointed out that keeping a sweat journal, detailing when sweating starts, can possibly pinpoint the cause. And, of course, the right clothing items should be considered.

Dark outfits and breathable materials are the best way to go, as are garments that include cutouts and flowing styles and shapes. There are also products made with those who have hyperhidrosis in mind, like moisture-wicking socks and CoolRevolution pajamas, which were designed, specifically, with women’s changing bodies in mind.

When it comes to excessive sweating, remember to also think before eating certain foods. You might also want to talk to a doctor about possible infections or disorders, hormonal changes, and medications, and to keep all those fans running and pointing in the right direction!

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