Labconco® is excited to release the ReVo™, another innovative microbiological safety cabinet, adding to its diverse biosafety portfolio. The ReVo is a new Class II, Type A2 solution for biosafety, thoughtfully designed with simplicity in mind.

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The ReVo provides personnel, product and environmental protection from hazardous pathogens and particles with multiple features that enhance performance and containment. Advanced blower technology with CAP™ constant monitoring creates a quiet, sterile working area to protect users and their samples. A comprehensive user interface notifies users of unsafe conditions through clear visual and audible signals. Each model includes a full stainless-steel interior for easy cleaning and decontamination, and cabinet construction is approved by TUV Nord to the EN 12469 standard.

ReVo safety cabinets offer unsurpassed comfort through ergonomic design, including inflow grilles angled to provide comfortable posture, a glare-free 270-degree panoramic view of the workspace, and conveniently positioned display and controls. It’s also one of the quietest MSCs in the world. Laboratories can conduct their research in a low-noise working environment, even when multiple MSCs are positioned in the same room.

Labconco products excel at reducing the energy burden of their equipment without compromising performance, and the ReVo exemplifies that commitment. It offers extreme energy efficiency, plus Night-Smart™ technology that intelligently reduces blower speed between uses to save energy while maintaining a sterile environment.

“The ReVo is the result of our ongoing dialogue with life science laboratories all over Europe and beyond. It is another step in our commitment to provide advanced biosafety containment tools to all forms of researchers in the high-growth life science market.” 

David Wasescha, Labconco's Director of Biosafety Products

Labconco is a global leader in biosafety products with over 50 years of experience and a leading manufacturer of scientific and healthcare engineering control devices for nearly 100 years. At the forefront of innovation worldwide, Labconcocontinues to provide tested and true solutions for all ranges of biosafety.

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