FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe, a leading provider of medical imaging solutions, has become an organizational partner of the Faculty of Remote, Rural and Humanitarian Healthcare (FRRHH), part of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. The faculty aims to improve the health outcomes of individuals living and working in remote, rural, austere and life-threatening areas of the world, a goal complemented by Fujifilm’s portable imaging technologies, which allow access to diagnostic imaging for patients in remote locations.

Accessing medical imaging in remote or rural locations can often be a struggle, resulting in missed appointments, or delayed diagnosis of medical issues. For example, on remote islands – such as the Western Isles – patients often incur significant expense in both time and money traveling to the mainland to receive imaging.

Likewise, patients on ships at sea may be days away from the nearest port. Fujifilm offers a range of imaging solutions – including the FDR nano mobile and FDR Xair portable X-ray systems, plus the iViz™ wireless ultrasound – that allow imaging solutions to be taken closer to the patient. Masaharu Fukumoto, Managing Director at FUJIFILM Healthcare Europe, explained: “We are delighted to support the important work of FRRHH on behalf of people living in remote and rural areas.

All patients should be able to access quality healthcare, wherever they live, and we are pleased that our imaging technologies can help to achieve this goal. For example, our FDR Nano mobile X-ray system is smaller and lighter than standard mobile X-ray systems, making it perfect for local clinics that may not have a dedicated X-ray suite, and need to move equipment between rooms.

The FDR Xair portable X-ray system is totally portable, and can be used in pop-up health centers, or taken to patients by a radiographer. Similarly, the iViz wireless ultrasound is the size of a mobile phone and easy to use, even for non-sonographers, so is a useful tool for clinicians working in remote locations.

Together, these solutions make medical imaging more accessible to patients who struggle to attend traditional healthcare settings.” More information on Fujifilm’s portable imaging technologies can be found athttps://www.fujifilm.com/de/en/healthcare. Further details about FRRHH are available atrcsed.ac.uk/FRRHH. ™ indicates a trade mark of Fujifilm Corporation and its affiliates.

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