A disturbing new law in Idaho will make it a felony for adults to help minors get an abortion without their parent or guardian’s consent.

As NBC News reported, Idaho Gov. Brad Little, a Republican, signed HB 242 into law earlier this week. The first-of-its-kind law creates a new crime proponents are calling “abortion trafficking,” AKA helping a young person get an abortion.

Adults in Idaho are now barred from obtaining abortion pills for anyone below age 18 or “recruiting, harboring or transporting the pregnant minor” without parental consent. Anyone convicted of violating this law will face two to five years in prison. They can also be sued by the pregnant minor’s parents.

As HuffPost reported, HB 242 sets a dangerous precedent regarding interstate travel for abortions. The legislation doesn’t explicitly address crossing state lines for the procedure. However, since Idaho has already implemented a near-total abortion ban, any adult who helps a minor get an abortion would likely have to travel to a neighboring state.

In theory, they could still be prosecuted — which is exactly what the law’s sponsors wanted.

Abortions are safe, common, and nothing to be ashamed of or fear. Misrepresenting this basic medical procedure with the language of human trafficking — an actual human rights issue affecting young women and girls around the global — is… upsetting, to say the least.

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