Strongman Martins Licis is finally back in a real gym. It’s an upgrade from the at-home garage gym he had been using throughout quarantine. He did manage to get some pretty training through the period, including working on his isolation squats, switching things up by training light, a hanging workout, and even joined a virtual training session with fellow strongman Hafthor Björnsson.

But not everything was great in the garage. When you weigh as much as an elite strongman, you need a super sturdy pullup setup to handle all that action.

“I’m doing these pullups because I’ve been really struggling with them in our garage setup because the stand we have in the garage isn’t nailed to the ground, so I can’t get the rhythm I want because it feels like the whole thing is going to tip over,” says Licis before he starts his reps. “So I want to test out and see what kind of numbers I can hit on this classic pullup bar.”

Before he starts, he applies some “nervous chalk”, then starts repping out the pullups. As he goes, he audibly lets out huge breaths as he gets into a rhythm. His final count: 14 reps.

“Ooooo, good stuff, I’m coming back,” he says after completing his reps. “I’m 340 pounds today, and it’s much easier on this bar.”

As he’s stretching and recovering from the pullups, he says that his personal best when it comes to pullups at his current weight, with chin touching the bar has been 17 reps.

“So I’m just 3 reps off. I’m gonna get it soon,” he says while giving the camera a thumbs up.

From there, he moves on to the rest of his workout, which includes an intense squat session where he does 15 paused squats with 405 pounds, along with single leg deadlifts.

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