The most beautiful thing in the world is not only fun, it also has a positive influence on the calorie consumption and the body especially in men.

“Through Sex, the testosterone level can increase in the body by up to 72 percent,” explains fitness expert Philip Doetsch.

Why is this helpful? The hormone testosterone plays a crucial role in muscle building.

But for women Sex is a good Workout, especially the abdomen, legs and buttocks in the Form of brings. Depending on the position of the focus is on another muscle group.

With “Maharaja” against the problem areas

With the sexposition Maharajah women can bring by the way your thigh and butt muscles in shape, and in ten minutes, about 40 calories of burn.

Men also benefit from this position, because you train the abdominal muscles, back and buttocks. The only challenge: Maharaja requires a lot of skill.

And so it goes: The woman is sitting with her legs spread on the bed, while the man is between your legs, and your lower legs on his shoulders drops. The woman covers his legs, in order to have a better Grip.

“Wheelbarrow” makes for a crisp Po

There are many women who come in the “wheelbarrow” is particularly good orgasm, but getting there is quite tiring.

And here’s how: The woman lies on her back, the man kneels between her legs and pulls her body to the hips, while the torso and arms remain on the floor or the bed.

What sounds at first easy, begins after a few minutes to draw neat in the Po. The impacts of the Partners to reinforce this effect.

If the woman is out of breath, can you put a leg over his shoulder, to relieve the Po.

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In the case of the “Swimming fish,” he comes into a sweat

The next sexual position, it is above all the man who demands maximum performance from his muscles. With the “Floating fish” he trains at the same time the abdominal muscles, back, forearms and leg extension. Up to 60 calories he can work off in ten minutes.

And also for the woman the position is challenging, primarily trains the shoulders as well as chest and abdominal muscles – and burns approximately 35 calories.

And so it goes: The man is standing with slightly bent knees upright on the floor. It relies on the hands and wraps around your legs, his hip, so he can hold your hips high.

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