Victoria’s Secret angel Candice Swanepoel gave birth to her son Anacã seven months ago, and she’s been taking some time out from her workout regime to embrace motherhood.

In that time, she’s definitely noticed some big changes since pregnancy, and spoke to Women’s Health UK about why she’s happy with her journey.

Definitely, the hips are a little bit wider,” she said of her body. “You take on a different shape, a more womanly shape. I’m loving it. I’ve had such an amazing experience with my pregnancy and afterwards. It’s quite a journey: the hormones, watching your body grow that way, giving yourself time to go back to normal.”

She added that she doesn’t feel that women should feel pressured to lose all their pregnancy weight straight after giving birth.

“I think women have to stop putting so much pressure on having to be perfect and back in shape three weeks after. It’s just not realistic. For me, it was about focusing on my son and it all just fell into place after that.”

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She said that she hasn’t been working out really yet, but has been trying to pick up her yoga once Anacã goes to sleep.

“I’m going to start getting back into my workouts because I like to feel strong. I used to do weight training because I’m naturally lean so I like to beef up a little bit and have muscle tone on my legs and thighs. And breastfeeding takes out a lot. I’m eating a lot of pasta to replace all those calories.”

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Candice Swanepoel shared many beautiful photos of her baby bump during her pregnancy, and was very proud of her body.

The magical business of making a new life ?? ? #halfway #upstateNyc #natureseries

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