Fitness model Patrick Thoechterle has found a way to combine two of TikTok’s favorite things—weird workout hacks and male thirst content—and the results have garnered him quite a bit of attention.

Thoechterle, who lives in the United Kingdom and posts content to the ‘Tok as an “online coach,” shares workouts that have been programmed specifically to make you better in bed. One of his most-watched clips, a mobility routine which he claims will “improve your sex game,” shows him performing four movements: the rock back, the quadraped hip opener, the JJ hip opener, and the seated leg raise. (His other videos include demonstrations of moves to help you “have more fun with sex,” and an “erotic experience” workout.)

While the execution might be kind of extra, Thoechterle isn’t wrong: stretching and mobility are important for maintaining a healthy and enjoyable sex life. But what you might not know is that many moves from your standard workouts can also help in this area. Staple exercises like pushups, squats, and lunges will improve your lower body strength and range of motion, while weighted hip thrusts build strength for the cowboy/cowgirl position. And HIIT workouts are great for general endurance. Check out our 12 stretches and exercises for better sex here.

This isn’t the first time that TikTok has brought thirst and fitness together; the “cake check challenge” which went viral earlier this year had people in gyms all over the country showing off their glutes gains. While ostensibly a way for these fitness enthusiasts to prove that they weren’t skipping leg day (if the barbell rolls over your backside, you lose), let’s be honest, it was also a very good time for fans of butts everywhere.

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