The combo of snow, ice, and gravity make winter sports thrilling—and demand more from your body than just raw strength.

“In slippery, steep, wild terrain, you must be prepared to accelerate and decelerate against a variety of forces,” says Eric Dannenberg, C.S.C.S., of Exos, a gym that attracts adventure athletes. That calls for more than squats. Dannenberg’s plan preps you for black diamond slopes or the black ice in your driveway.


If you’re a beginner, complete Circuit A twice a week for six weeks; then you’re ready for Circuit B, which you should do two or three times a week. Fairly fit already? Do Circuit A for just two weeks instead of six.

For Circuit A, don’t rest between sets (the third exercise functions as an active rest period). For Circuit B, perform each move for the time or reps listed, resting 30 to 60 seconds between each exercise.

A1. Isometric Squat Hold

A2. Bear Crawl Hold

A3. Quad Stretch with Rotation

B1. Lunge with 180 Degree Pivot

B2. 180 Degree Vertical Jump

B3. Squat to World’s Best Stretch

B4. Skater Lunge with Pause

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