Maddie Lymburner, alias MadFit has built up with your Home Workout Videos on YouTube has a wide fan base.

This helps you with your new Yoga Video now, to escape the stress of everyday life by using a little Stretching unit.

For MadFits new Session, you need no Equipment, just a Mat and a quiet environment in which you will not be disturbed.

The 15-minute Yoga session on the evening on the day of pent-up tension or to help you in the Morning, freed to start a new day.

The movement sequences step-by-step

This unit aims to relax you. Eighth, therefore, on a deep breathing and perform the movements slowly and carefully. Go into the stretch only as deeply as it feels good for you.

1. Exercise

You start in the cutter seat. Take three deep breaths, and carry on the Inhale the arms stretched over the sides to the top and front of the body with palms pressed together, back to the middle of the body. Let from the end position of the head to the front of the sink and feel, while three more deep breaths, the strain in the neck.

2. Exercise

Stretch the left Arm over the head to the other side: The head rotates and the face is pointing down to the other Hand.

The stretch hold for a few seconds, and then with the next deep breath again to return to the center. With the next deep breath in the same movement for the other side.

3. Exercise

Bend the torso forward and place the hands in front of the knee. Cradle the upper body slowly to the side back and forth and feel the stretch in the back.

Drive for eight breaths so forth. With a last, deep breath of the rich, you slowly vertebrae by vertebrae on.

4. Exercise

Now you have to leave the seat with the Cutter and put the legs stretched to the side. The arms mimic this movement, the entire torso is bent along the one arm and over to one side.

Only go as deep into the stretch, as it is convenient. Take a deep breath and try to deepen the Exhale stretch a little further.

The tips of the fingers reach as far as it is possible for you to the tips of your toes down. With the next deep breath you come back again to the middle, and stretch yourself to the other side.

5. Exercise

For the next Exercise, you move a leg so that the sole of the foot touches the inner thigh of the other leg comfortably.

Bend the torso in front and walk with the hands on the ground over the leg towards the foot, so that the strain is in the back getting intense. To relax the neck, put the head loosely in front of your sink and place it if possible on the leg.

Take a deep breath and sit up with the next breath again. Do the same Exercise now for the other side, by anwinkelst the other leg.

6. Exercise

Now you put back both of his legs to the sides and the torso between them to the front in the direction of sink to the bottom. The knees let these throats as possible on the ground, put the hands in front of you and point the face to the ground.

Stay in this Position dynamically and try to go with the Exhale still a little lower with the torso and to strengthen the strain.

7. Exercise

It is now in the Plank Position. From here, pressing the buttocks to the top and shift the weight to the toes. The legs are not stretched, but the knees bent. The back and arms form a line, so that a stretching of legs in the rear of the upper, the Hamstring, and shoulders can be felt.

Role you, then on the vertebrae to move slowly into the Cobra Position. In this case, the front thigh to lie on the ground, the weight is on the toes. The torso is stretched, the back arched, the hands under the upper body positioned.

From this Position, it goes back to the previous one: You push your buttocks up, arms and back once again form a line, the knees are bent. Again, this sequence of movements, repeat a total of three times. Move slowly with your breathing.

8. Exercise

Now it goes in the all-fours position. The body rests on hands and knees. On the Inhale you’re going to the hollow cross, and with the exhalation in the cat hump, push through this, especially the lower back as far as possible. Again, this is one Exercise three Times in accordance with the breathing.

9. Exercise

Go then in the supine position and pull the legs. Put the arms around the shins, the forehead on the knee, so that only a small area of the curved back rests on the Mat. Press this part of the back deep into the Mat.

Unravel the tension by making the shoulders and the buttocks on the Mat to sink, put on the legs again and roll you again.

10. Exercise

With the exhalation, the arms and legs go in the stretch. Pull then the right leg and grasp it with the hands. Form small circles with the knees to release tension in the hips. The same follows for the left leg. The directions of the circles vary.

11. Exercise

Now go back to the full extension, even with the arms, and breathe deeply. Place the hands on the sides of your body and press the torso up into a sitting Position, the legs remain stretched out.

The hands wander along the legs to the front direction of the toes, the torso leans to the knee, while the head rests loosely between the shoulders. To come up with the torso more forward, you can bend the knees slightly.

12. Exercise

Get up now and stand hip width apart, with a slight flexion in the knees. Swing the arms to the left and to the right and take the whole upper body in the process. Let go of the all the Stress of everyday life!

13. Exercise

There are three more deep breaths follow. Pull up on the Inhale, the shoulders and let the Exhale fall. To leave finally the back of the neck again to the front of the sink and in front of the chest back and forth.

Kimberly Papenthin

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