At least 1.5 metres distance to other people to keep the public transport to avoid buttons and keys on the best only with gloves on, press and, above all, meticulously wash hands as soon as you get back home.

All of these measures are designed to offers a great protection against the Coronavirus capture.

But how it actually looks with the clothes that you wore outside?

The risk to get the clothes corona virus into the house is probably?

Corona virus of clothing is still unexplored.

Since then, it is known that corona can hold the virus for up to several days on certain materials, the question naturally arises, to what extent this can also apply to materials of garments.

Unfortunately, the studies about it but no information.

The scientists studied all Available from plastic, steel, cardboard, fabric materials such as cotton fibers, wool, silk etc, were not included, however.

“I suspect that viruses can survive for several hours to maybe a day on clothing,” he says of the senior scientists at the Johns Hopkins Center for health security in Maryland, Dr. Amesh A. Adalja, in an Interview with the online magazine ‘Health’.

Of great importance of environmental influences such as temperature and humidity, which promote the growth of the virus, or too narrow could.

Corona viruses are going through the degreaser is broken

Because the Coronavirus is coated with a layer of fat, it reacts sensitive to fat-dissolving products.

The lipid layer makes the Coronavirus is also not particularly heat resistant, so that the Virus goes when the temperature rises quickly broken.

“Other viruses, such as Norovirus, are an essential stable, because they consist mainly of proteins and genetic material,” explains the virologist Prof. Dr. Thomas Pietschmann in the online magazine ‘DW’.

A normal Washing machine cycle with detergent enough already, putative corona viruses in garments harmless.

This could also explain why there is on the Website of the Federal centre for health education, no new corona-specific recommendations for hygiene measures for the handling of Laundry.

Because the listed tips in order to get clothes germ-free, even on supposedly with corona virus-contaminated clothing transfer.

Measures in the case of Corona-Ill in the household

It should be in your own household people who are most ill will, however, be some additional hygiene measures for the handling of dirty Laundry made.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is advising US to wear citizens in such a case, for example, gloves when washing the sick Person to come to with the infected clothes not to be directly in contact.

Also from the Shaking, but clothes should be avoided, because otherwise it could be possible the virus from the fabric fibers free to shake and the air to breathe.

Otherwise, the clothing can be washed with the normal Laundry of non-diseased together. The detergent will kill the virus automatically.

Only one thing not to forget: The basket or bag in which the dirty linen was stored, urgently needs to be also cleaned!


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Larissa Bright Mouth

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