Trained arms and slender legs, a flat stomach and perfect tight bum: Pamela Mature has trained with the discipline of an enviable athletic figure.

The for such lovely, defined muscles plenty of sports units, as well as a nutrient-rich, healthy diet are necessary, it should be clear to everyone.

Pamela Mature: With your own method to the destination

Since there is not nevertheless, some aspects within of your fitness routine, for each of its 4.4 million Followers, shows has Pamela answered Mature the most frequently asked questions of their Fans in a post on the social network Instagram.

It quickly becomes clear: The success of the Influencerin is not based on ancient wisdom, the very many hobby athletes in the workout routine.

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Instead of coercion and strict regulations, the Instagrammerin rather on the things that give her joy – an important approach if one wants to remain for a longer period of time on the Ball.

1. Four times a week sweating

According to your details of Pamela pulls through in the week four Workouts. "Sometimes a fifth is added, if I habe&quot a lot of energy;, she writes in her Post.

Your Exercises are made up of strength training with heavy Weights in the Gym undBodyweight Exercises that guides you on the basis of your own YouTube Videos at home.

To train with your self-made Workouts, provides the necessary motivation. "When I see myself on the screen, I think: 'Shit, if I insert it done in the movies, no break, I can durchziehen&quot the now;, so Pamela Mature.

Also, HIIT-units with additional Weights, as well as the one or the other of Yoga Flow in your Fitness Routine.

2. Endurance units are deleted

What you are looking for in the Fitness Queen but to no avail extensive Cardio sessions.

"I’m just doing strength training in the gym or workout at home. Running or on the Stepper I go, as well as not. I’m just not a Fan of Cardio", Pamela said in an Interview with FIT FOR FUN.

Because sports is something she would not be forced. "Either me doing something fun or not – and if I’m not in the mood, I leave it."

3. Protein from fresh food

He who makes Sport of the white: A sophisticated Fitness Plan alone is not enough in the long term. The right combination of good Carbs, healthy fats and plenty of Protein must be found.

The latter refers to Pamela, surprisingly, mainly from protein powder and other Supplements.

"I’ve used protein powder hinzugefügt", you explained in your post. "But I have realized that I do not need so much Protein to feed my body."

Now you and additionally your meals, only high-quality vegetable protein powder made from hemp, linseed, peas, or rice, if you needed an extra dose of Protein. Otherwise, you will receive your Protein through fresh food.

Photo gallery: The ten best protein-rich food

Since then, they consumed less Supplements, didn’t you just get a more relaxed view on this point, their diet, their digestion was better.

"Sometimes I also eat Protein bars. But most on the market are not good, have unnatural ingredients and no good Geschmack", Pamela declared to be ready.

Your tip: Just make a delicious nut-bolt choose. Because the saturates, it is generally with less sugar, provides the body but also good proteins and plenty of healthy fats.

4. Counting calories may be neglected

Healthy, fresh food dominate the dining plan Influencerin. This brings a lot of good nutrients, another advantage with The calories you can give count.

"Usually I just eat intuitively and by feel, until I’m full,“ said the Food Liebhaberinim the framework of the idea of your cookbook to FIT FOR FUN. In addition, you run fast Interval where you eat in the evening plentiful, and the Breakfast is a little later.

"Natural nutrition is more important to count than calories,“ she says. Who has not yet really with different foods apart, you can get by Tracking the calories, a first feeling for the amount of energy which food has ever.

Two other important factors: At the household sugar Pamela waived Ripe completely to cow’s milk also for the most part.

Good genes are always to

Certainly there are people who follow a strict training and nutrition plan and yet have less muscle or more fat on the other parts of the body to build up as Pamela Mature.

Due to the genes, which ensure that each for the other storages are. And even if Pam’s character may seem in many eyes, so also it has its "Problemzonen".

"I have long accept used to, my legs don’t want to be wider. At the same time I’m building but quickly muscles in my arms and the back."

Therefore, it would accumulate fat in your never on the legs, but always right on the belly. "After that, would be my face and my arms as well as the Schultern", are you open to.

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