Whether it’s Keto, Low-Carb, or Paleo, most of the people tormented already determined by the one or the other diet.

Such diet a have most in common: regular waiver of certain food and/or drastic Calorie reduction.

A form of nutrition, which was adopted from these strict properties of a diet, is the “intuitive” or “mindful” eating.

A new study from Zurich has now, with this type of diet and examines whether the same Customers, as a traditional diet can achieve.

The results of the study, the researchers published in the journal ‘Wiley Online Library’.

How does intuitive eating?

In a nutshell, intuitive eating means that you eat only when you feel really hungry and stop when you are full.

Stopper or eat out of boredom, is just as taboo, such as Waivers and prohibitions with regard to certain foods.

Babies are in control of this scheme is very good, but unfortunately, most people unlearn rapidly with age, as you can intuitively eat and confuse the usually Hunger with appetite.

Also the food habit, Routine, or frustration makes it not just easier to tell the difference between genuine Hunger and mere Desires or even.

On this intuitive form of nutrition involved, it is very important to your own body, to listen to him and to interpret the right – without any prohibitions and waiver.

Strict diets are in the long term, mostly ineffective

Strategies for the reduction of body weight based on a moderate calorie deficit and the selection of food.

Most diets are based on a controlled waiver and a drastic calorie deficit (from 700 calories a waiver), do not manage to reduce the weight in the long term – the yo-yo effect prevents, therefore, the desired weight and the ideal weight.

Researchers from Switzerland were up to date with the issue of whether a intuitive diet of the same consumers actually follow such a strict diet can achieve.

Intuitive diet promotes weight loss success

For the research, the scientists conducted a systematic Review and a meta-analysis of controlled studies of programs, based on an eight-seed, and together with intuitive and smart diet.

In the analyzed results, a total of ten studies were included in the study, the scientists considered to be meaningful.

In these studies a significant weight loss in mindful and intuitive nutrition, it was found strategies, in comparison to a control group. This means that subjects who ate intuitively and mindfully, were able to significantly reduce their weight.

Indeed, but could be no serious difference of weight loss between a traditional diet and intuitive eating found both food forms accounted for approximately the same amount of success in kilograms.

More accurate results require further research

The researchers emphasize that the “intuitive eating,” a practical approach to weight could be in control and actually a positive customer result can cause.

The study could, however, also have some limitations – so, the gender, the origin and the short duration of the interventions was very unbalanced.

Future research should therefore aim at the investigation of the long-term effects.

However, anyone who has had enough of strict dieting and eternal abandonment, the it is recommended that the intuitive diet a try – customers, result are guaranteed, in addition, you learned, back to his body very deliberately, to perceive, without waiver, and a “control freak”.


  • Wiley Online Library: Mindful eating and common diet programs lower body weight similarly: Systematic review and meta‐analysis https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.&/obr.12918

Antonia Hagedorn

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