Baba Ganoush, Mutabbal and Tabbouleh are no longer foreign words more: Levante has developed in Europe and the USA is now a real Food Trend.

The delicious dishes that are traditionally served in small bowls, simply taste too good and the only way to share.

And there is hardly anything Better than between with Hummus, fresh parsley, salad, or crispy Falafel-filled bowl to enjoy an evening with friends and family.

No wonder Levante arrives in this country as well. Some love the Oriental food, so much so, that they feed exclusively of Mezze. How healthy is the Levante kitchen is – and it can help you lose weight?

What is Levante?

With Levante, the Region is called, which is located on the Eastern Mediterranean coast. It includes, among other things, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Palestine. It is precisely in this area of the eponymous food culture has also its origin, but especially Israel shapes the Levante kitchen.

The special: Here is a traditional Israeli dishes are combined with Arabic cuisine, so a completely different way of eating arises, the openness for a new world, but also healthy and delicious.

Levante: Everything is shared

The Mix of different traditions reflected not only the taste, but finds its expression especially in the way of eating, which is downright celebrated.

Here it is relaxed and informal, the food is served in small bowls as a Mezze and placed on the table, so similar to Spanish Tapas, everyone can all pitch in: Share is in the foreground, on Cutlery is often omitted.

What is allowed in the Levant diet?

While politically, in the Levante Region, unfortunately, still there are conflicts, to approach the cultures on the dining plan more and more. Their culinary diversity is the strength of the Levante cuisine.

The base of the Levante diet from vegetables, legumes and Oils. Many dishes consist of eggplant, chickpeas, cauliflower, tomatoes, olive oil and Paprika. Dates, pomegranate seeds, figs and apricots bring a sweet touch to the dishes.

After Pasta on the Mezzeplatten in vain – instead, there are fresh salads, pastes and Dips. As a side dish often pita bread is served, otherwise grains, such as Couscous and Bulgur to land on the table.

Meat is used in the Levant cuisine traditionally rarely and if, then mostly low fat lamb or chicken meat.

Essential Oriental spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, Cumin or Zaatar are.

Walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds and tahini are also an integral part of the Mezzegerichte. For the final touch of fresh herbs such as parsley, mint or coriander to worry about.

In the case of the Levant diet, there are no fixed rules, bans, or calorie requirements.

Health benefits of the Levante cuisine

  • Similar to the Mediterranean diet, the Levante is the kitchen due to the high vegetable and legume materials fraction rich in fiber.
  • Mezzespeisen always freshly prepared – on preservatives and additives is mostly omitted.
  • The vegetables and fresh herbs and spices to deliver the full load of antioxidants and help to protect the cells from free Radicals.
  • Cumin and coriander work entblähend, anticonvulsant and soothe the gastro-intestinal tract.
  • The Oils used, and nuts provide valuable Omega-3 fatty acids, which the body cannot produce itself.
  • Legumes, nuts and seeds also provide important minerals such as iron, Magnesium and calcium.
  • Levante is mostly vegetarian, many dishes are completely vegan.

Can you lose weight with the Levant diet?

Shakshuka, Babaganoush, yogurt balls: Many of the Mezzespeisen are, by nature, largely low carb.

The many the ballast substances, the one with Shakshuka, Hummus & Co. picks up assist in the slimming process, by keeping the blood sugar stable and long saturate. In addition, chickpeas, eggs, fish, yogurt and nuts provide neat proteins, and thus sufficient food for muscle building, the plays Slimming a key role.

Spices such as cumin to fire, in addition to the metabolism and can help with weight loss.

Condition, with Levante to accept, however, is that you burn throughout the day more calories, than you eat. If you are in the calories defitzit, then Levante is a great, healthy and a pleasure to take off.

The danger in the small bowl, however, is that you can’t judge portions, so good – and eats more than usual. Many of the dishes due to the high fat content of many calories. Is eaten to much bread, the Low Carb benefits of Levante quickly. And let’s face it: Hummus and eggplant cream, fresh flat bread to feast? Difficult.

A large part of the middle East kitchen confections in addition to the many sugary and sweet desserts such as Baklava, Halva or Fruit. Those who want to lose weight, for the sweet temptations can be the case fast for the Calories.

To eat only after the middle Eastern kitchen, is in daily life rather difficult, as the courts often take a long preparation time.

Nevertheless, you can learn some things for their food: Lots of fresh vegetables, more legumes and nuts and less animal fat.

But, most importantly, The Levante-Spirit of life. This means to have joy in eating and sharing delicious food with friends and family and enjoy!

Delicious Levante-Recipes

To eat healthy can Levante serve as a great Inspiration – here are some matching FIT-FOR-FUN-recipes. A lot of joy when you cook and Taste.

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Recipe: Creamy Protein-Hummus

Recipe: Parsley-Watermelon-Salad

Recipe: oven-Aubergine with chickpea-mint-salad

Recipe: Falafel with mint yoghurt

Recipe: Baba Ganoush

Elina Feeder

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