If it is indoors it is comfortably warm and freezing cold outside, growls, the inner pig-dog is often particularly loud.

And now Jogging – is that not unhealthy? However, this excuse of want, Karlheinz Zeilberger, specialist in Internal medicine and sports medicine in Munich, do not apply.

Slow start

When it is cold, only the muscles in the body do not change. The blood flow no longer works in the outer layers of skin optimally, because the body, and subtracting this inside.

The result: “The muscles, Tendons, connective tissue and the displacement of the layers need no longer, until they are mobile,” says Professor Ingo Froböse, head of the centre for health through the Sort and movement at the German sport University in Cologne. “You have to drive like a Motor getting warmed up,” he adds.

This also applies to the breathing. “Whether it’s Walking, cross-country skiing, skating or Jogging, you have to breathe in the Nordic volume,” says Zeilberger.

Since the inhaled air in the Winter is cold and dry, it must be via the mucous membranes in the nose, in the throat and in the larynx fueled.

And the more cold air in liters per Minute pass through, the more is demanded of the mucous membranes. “That’s why you should breathe during the sports through the nose. This is a Station that warms and moisturizes,” stresses Zeilberger.

Hurt after the Sport, the bronchi, or even has a slight taste of Blood in the mouth, the minute volume is also too high.

It’s all a question of clothing

All you can control about the Tempo. “Especially in the case of minus, I should reduce the levels,” advises sports scientist Froböse and added: “you run faster, is to overstress the immune system. Then I’m going to the Sport are more prone to diseases.”

The coldest temperatures experienced by Zeilberger in his career as a team doctor in the speed skating, was minus 20 degrees at a world Cup in the United States. “It was borderline,” he recalls.

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For Amateur athletes 5, level-minus, no Problem. “With the right clothing and you should even make at any time and in any old Sport.”

Also beginner and needs the cold does not deter. “It is degrees colder than minus 10, it should be moved to the sports inside.” But that is not true for Cycling: Here, there may be already much more dangerous, because the wind cools the body faster.

In terms of clothing, the “onion principle”, applies Froböse that even at temperatures around the freezing point, run explains. “I’m of course not a down jacket. Because a cotton T-Shirt can not be removed the moisture, you should wear a t-shirt. A fleece comes shirt. And then you put on a light jacket. Also the head should be covered.”

Rule of thumb: If it is cold when you Start running slightly, you are attracted to ideal.

Regardless of the body can take

In between, a break is not recommended – then the training effect will be lifted, and sweat in the Winter cold fast.

“It remains on the skin, cools you, have a disproportionate and a bladder infection threatens. Because many underestimate that just cools the lower abdomen quickly,” says Zeilberger.

By the way, a disease to sweat, to keep both experts nothing. “I hear the question in my practice often, whether you can participate with a disease at an Event,” says Zeilberger.

But as is true in the summer as in the Winter: “as Long as you have a raised temperature or swollen lymph nodes or of the resting heart rate to eight to ten beats higher than normal, is no Sport.” Otherwise you run the risk, in addition to a usually harmless infection a inflammation of the heart muscle to capture.

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