Looking for a new activity to try? Bungee fitness is gaining popularity – and with good reason, says Helen Wilson-Beevers.

Looking to mix things up a bit when it comes to your fitness regime? Whether pilates or yoga is your regular go-to, or you prefer running or weight training, there’s fitness joy to be found in trying something new. 

Coming out of your exercise comfort zone can be a fun and freeing move, particularly when there’s bouncing and flying around involved. Wondering what on earth we’re talking about? Step forward, the next workout class to try – bungee fitness.

As the name suggests, this aerobic workout takes place while you’re attached to a resistant bungee rope suspended from the ceiling, wearing a secure harness. This enables you to perform high-intensity movements that are super low impact. 

Kinder to your joints if you do struggle with any niggling pain or arthritis, bungee exercise can consist of choreographed dance moves and aerial acrobatics as well as cardio workouts. 

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Hattie Grover, rhythm master trainer and aerial instructor at Gymbox, tells Stylist: “Bungee fitness is a great cardiovascular workout that is good for improving spatial awareness and coordination. There are so many benefits, but I think the most important thing is that it’s a good, fun workout that makes you forget how challenging the exercises you’re doing are.”

After being strapped into the harness, you’ll follow a workout routine and build full-body resistance. Suitable for all abilities, bungee exercises range from squats and lunges to planks and push-ups.

Groveradds: “As a low-impact workout that puts most of your weight in the bungee, it’s not difficult to master at all and the majority of the workout is trying to gain as much stretch from the bungee as you possibly can. It means that anyone who suffers from injuries is able to feel safe while also pushing themselves. 

“As with learning any new skill, it takes time to see a difference and progression but anyone who hasn’t done it before can come along and feel satisfied that they’ve taken a lot from one class.” Sounds good to us.

Still a fairly niche form of exercise, there aren’t tons of classes around and you may have to be quick to grab a place, so we’ve put together a UK list worth exploring. 

5 bungee exercise classes to try

BungeeFit UK (Nottingham)

BungeeFit UK is a dedicated bungee exercise franchise and the headquarters in Nottingham have a comprehensive timetable, covering everything from beginner and mixed classes to aerial hoop workouts. The website emphasises how freeing that feeling of flying is, while we like the sound of a full body workout combining aerial circus moves with squats and lunges.

Superfly, GymBox (Ealing and Westfield Stratford, London)

Billed as a zero-gravity workout involving jumping and floating, you can book in at either the Westfield Stratford or Ealing GymBox branches. The classes are on a Saturday and Sunday respectively and last 45 minutes. We think the name Superfly says it all.

Bungee Fitness, Pole Perfect Fitness (King’s Lynn, Norfolk)

Pole Perfect Fitness splits the bungee exercise classes into two categories: bungee fitness and bungee flow. The first is a high-intensity cardio workout, while the latter is lower intensity and follows a flowing theme. Both are low impact and last 45 minutes, so you can pick and choose which you’d prefer to try.

Bungee Fit, Pole Position Fitness (Stroud, Gloucestershire)

An option if you’re looking to immerse yourself in bungee fitness via the BungeeFit method, this studio offers a six-week introductory course as well as regular classes. A longer term commitment, this would be ideal for finding out all there is to know about bungee exercise.

AcroBeats Bungee, Hype (Sutton, London)

A high-intensity class, AcroBeats Bungee is a cardio workout enabling full-body movement and stamina-building resistance training. As well as classes, there’s an option to book in for a private group event too so you can try bungee fitness with pals.

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