Alnatura has the article “Alnatura chick peas, dried” called back and as a precaution from the sale.

Because it can not be excluded that in individual packs of the product glass fragments.

This product is affected by the recall

Product warning for Alnatura chickpeas

Affected are the “Alnatura chick peas, dried” in the 500 gram bag with the two minimum durability data 14.01.2021 and 27.01.2021on the side of the product printed.

Packs with other minimum durability data do not represent any danger, and were accordingly called back.

The affected product has already been withdrawn from sale.

High risk of injury through glass

Glass shards or glass splinters can cause serious injuries in the mouth and throat, as well as to cause internal injuries or bleeding.

Customers who have purchased the chickpeas should refrain from consumption therefore, be sure and chickpeas, instead return it.

Alnatura regrets the incident and assures concerned consumers in a communication replacement.

Editorial FIT FOR FUN

*The contribution “, Due to glass pieces: Alnatura back calls for dried chickpeas” will be released by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.