Athletes will love the nutrient that helps you to have more power. And the 50-plus Generation is estimated, the substance, the age gives muscles new strength. Only couch potatoes have a little bit of creatine works only in Conjunction with physical activity.

A substance, he makes muscles grow and physical performance increases? Since most are likely to think immediately of a forbidden doping agent. But this is not creatine at all. The fabric is rather, in each of us and in spite of his abilities pretty harmless.

What creatine is?

Creatine is a carbon-nitrogen compound, which the body produces in the liver, pancreas and kidney. Creatine is almost exclusively in the skeletal muscle and is stored as creatine phosphate. In the body of an adult is between 80 and 130 grams of creatine are.

Creatine from meat and fish, we can absorb with the food.

In dietary supplements, creatine is usually as creatine monohydrate. This is also the most studied form of Creatine. It corresponds to the in the body is synthesized creatine.

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Why do we need creatine?

Creatine in itself is not energy, but plays a major role in the energy metabolism of the muscles. In short, creatine provides for the provision of energy. Without creatine, muscle cells are not able to work.

In what quantities of creatine is needed?

The body only produces so much creatine, to maintain the normal metabolism of the Run. The are daily one to two percent of the creatine storage. As much as is consumed daily with the basal metabolic rate and excreted through the kidneys. A creatine deficiency, there is not, therefore, in healthy people.

The muscles can store much more creatine than the body and diet is formed. You to leads in addition to creatine, fill the memory. In the consequence of muscle mass, and muscle to take power and thereby also the efficiency.

Jürgen Gießing, Director of the Institute for sports science at the University of Koblenz-Landau, says: “he Who eats a lot of meat, comes with a gram or less per day, others are around safety, recommended three grams, as is the case with the EFSA, the European authority for food. Very muscular athletes take up to five grams per day. Because the more muscles there are, the greater creatine memory and the more it needs this memory to fill.

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In which foods creatine is?

Creatine is found in muscle tissue of cattle, pigs and other animals: about 0.5 g of creatine per 100 g of food. Other animal products, such as milk-based, contain little creatine. In vegetable foods there is, at most, in traces.

How does creatine work?

In combination with exercise, creatine can provide more muscle strength and physical performance. In sports it enhances the effects of strength training, which leads to faster muscle growth and to increase the maximum force. Jürgen Gießing says: “creatine enhances the positive effects of muscle training. Without Training, the effect of creatine fizzled out almost completely.“

Who benefits from nutritional supplements?

Unlike most dietary supplements, the European food safety authority (EFSA) has approved, for creatine, two so-called Health Claims. That is, creatine products are allowed to advertise with Health claims, as these are scientifically proven:

1. Creatine increases the physical performance for springiness training in the scope of shortterm, intensive physical activity.

2. The daily intake of creatine can increase the effect of regular strength training on the muscle strength of adults over 55 years.

It must be made clear that the effect can be set in an amount of three grams daily in combination with regular intensive Training.

In addition, can also Vegans and vegetarians a dietary Supplement with creatine benefit. Who can live without meat and fish, has significantly lower levels of creatine concentrations in the blood and in the muscles.

Why is creatine used as an Anti-Aging weapon?

From 35 years of a slow and later on accelerating a natural muscle degradation. The loss of muscle strength and mass, but it is considered one of the most important factors for frailty in old age. The risk of Osteoporosis rises, falls, piling up and even everyday movements such as climbing stairs will rise to the challenge. The elderly is therefore urgently to the Muscle and structure got. Creatine can help you.

What has this to do creatine with creatinine?

Creatine is broken down in the body to creatinine and excreted in the urine. High creatinine level usually regarded as an indication of impaired renal activity. They are, however, also increased when creatine is taken as a dietary Supplement. The should know the doctor, if he can create a blood picture. He could diagnose incorrectly, a malfunction of the kidney.

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What risks are there for the taking?

Recent studies from the USA show that a short – term and long-term supplementation in adults is safe and well tolerated. Just in today, unusual, very high dosage (about 20 grams per day) can lead to gastro-intestinal problems.

The consumer advice centre warns, however, that creatine will draw water from the body. Those who consumed the substance as a dietary Supplement, you must ensure plenty of fluid intake. Also increases the water retention in the muscle cells of the pressure in the cells. As a result, the injury may increase risk in the Sport.

And, finally, the warning also applies to the Online orders in the case of unknown providers abroad. There is a risk that the products are contaminated with heavy metals or banned additives.

In contrast, the synthetic creatine from Germany that is used throughout the world by manufacturers, are deemed to be of high quality. It is regularly tested and meets all quality standards.

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