Let’s be real; every bride-to-be wants to be at her prime for her big day. PT’s are shuttled in, carbs become a mere memory, and the race to look the picture of lacey perfection becomes a daily fixation. But what if we told you that embarking on a pre-wedding shred the minute you’re all fiancéed up would already be too late? 

Yup, apparently getting into “proposal shape” is where it’s at.

Tome Levi, a PT and coach at the Royal Ballet School told Metro she’d been approached by countless clients who felt they needed to appear a certain way for their proposal to be successful. 

“This new trend highlights deep-set insecurities that many women are sadly still suffering from due to the fitness industry’s adamant focus on weight loss bringing you happiness,” she said.

“Weight loss should not be a prerequisite for a proposal or wedding day. Risking your physical and mental health to comply with society’s twisted image of ‘bridal perfection’ is not worth it.”

She explained that lifestyle changes are more effective and sustainable in the long run when they are motivated by a desire to be healthy rather than aesthetics. 

“The stress of ‘prepping’ for a specific event often goes hand-in-hand with extreme measures such as dieting, overtraining and can be triggering for those who have previously suffered from poor body image,” she said.

“Also, in lighter terms- your partner probably isn’t holding weight loss over your head as a condition to whether or not they’ll propose (if they are then run for the hills), so why should you?” 

In short: it should be about adopting healthy habits that work for you all year-round, not just when a good photo-op pops up. But whether you’re prepping for a proposal or not, here’s something to keep in mind: the right person will love you for who you are, love handles and all.

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