Running nose, sore throat, and it is plagued by a nasty cough? Now you do not need to get mandatory the chemical Mace out of the closet.

For a soothing cough syrup is also easy from onions to connect to, and so.

Help for a cough comes from nature

On this home remedy, generations of grandmothers – cough syrup made from onions and honey swore already. First sounds more like a asugefallenen recipe, but wonders against colds and cough.

The reason is the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of onions and honey. Both ingredients combine to produce a soothing syrup which relieves the symptoms in case of acute complaints quickly and in a natural way.

And the Best part is – you can make it quite simple with little ingredients yourself.

Do-it-yourself cough syrup

If the first SIP of complaints as of announce, immediately in the kitchen. An onion cut into rings and in a glass, add about three tablespoons of honey and the jar.

Anything at least three hours, best over night, really good pull. When the ingredients have combined to a thick liquid, good durchrrühren – done!

Now you can just take two tablespoons of the thick liquid syrups to slowly and deliberately swallow.

Please note: you should drink ten minutes so that the mixture has sufficient time, to the inflamed mucous membranes interact with.

You can repeat this procedure, depending on your needs, up to four Times daily.

What you have to consider if the cough taffeta production?

And the Best part is: The whole has no annoying side effects such as fatigue or other side effects, the conventional common cold medicines often.

Without cooling you can use the syrup for two days safely in the refrigerator for five days even.

Tip: if you get the pure syrup to intensive pours on the mixture with hot water as a tea. Does twice as good, because it is during a cold, you solltee keep warm and drink plenty.

Mareike Kalbitz

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