The season of Advent offers many delicacies that one can enjoy.

But who eats constantly Sweet, Fatty, or just too much, overwhelmed his stomach-intestine-tract.

Therefore, the chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony advises to pay attention in the run-up to Christmas on a healthy, balanced diet.

This also means: take your time, slow and conscious eating, enough breaks in between the Goodies installed.

Otherwise, it may, for example, come quickly to heartburn. In this case, tea can do with fennel, chamomile, or licorice the stomach well.

Smaller portions prevent the full feeling

Just after a very heavy meal such as a roast Goose with red Cabbage and dumplings – can spread in the stomach discomfort. Then a feeling of fullness or bloating may be the consequences.

To avoid this, it is better to take smaller portions and eat slowly.

However, if it is already too late and the stomach suppresses, grab some gourmet to the well-known and much-cited digestion liquor – he should finally clean up the stomach, if we may believe the vernacular.

The experts of the chamber of pharmacies rates, instead, to grab a better coffee, because it stimulates digestion.

Even slight movement, so a walk in the fresh air, can help.

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What to do with cravings?

Part of a renewed feeling of Hunger arises after the consumption of sweets or fast carbs after a short time.

The reason for this is that The blood sugar level soars, first upward, and then falls again rapidly when the body to produce more Insulin.

To counter this, better the stomach, not too much fats and sweet foods expect, even if the lure is not just in the advent time.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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