With each new Information that is known about the Coronavirus, the fear in the minds of many people.

Most of the people have their concern in times like these is relatively well under control – many people feel, however, your fear increasingly overwhelmed.

Anyone who knows the feeling deratiger panic attacks, you should definitely take the “Choose again”-method of the best-selling author and Speaker Gabrielle Bernstein to the heart.

This method can help to calm down – that it must be not necessarily the fear of the Corona-crisis-everyday Fears can be in the long term alleviated.

The Coronavirus puts many people in fear

When thinking about the current Situation with the novel Coronavirus a queasy feeling in many people wide – some even acute panic and a number of anxiety conditions.

No wonder, because the viral disease Covid-19 brings a lot of unfamiliar changes – the shops, school and day-care centres close and people are advised to leave your home only in case of emergency.

In addition, also the fear, as a self-employed or workers to lose their livelihood comes to the fear of infection.

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So the method works for Anxiety relief

The “Choose again”-method consists of three different steps:

1. The anxious thoughts in mind

The first step is to observe specifically how the anxious thoughts exactly out of control.

Currently, the Coronavirus is likely to play a large role in the own world of thoughts – often it is felt by this thought carousel pressure, uncertainty and anxiety.

It is important now, very gently, and these thoughts and realize that it is completely okay to feel these feelings.

As soon as the person has a fear-based thoughts, the body reacts with a physical reaction to it – this applies to first recognize it.

You should give the body the opportunity to notice where he felt fear and uncertainty – whether chest, head, jaw, or stomach.

In the last part of the first step should be deep in this body breathed, and the queasy feeling to be accepted completely.

2. The idea awarded

The second step is to forgive yourself, to be in these negative thoughts out of panic involved.

For example, you can be completely healthy, but constantly only think of how uncomfortable you feel because of Corona and co. – this is to forgive in the second step. For this it is sufficient to say to yourself: “I forgive this thought.”

If you repeat these thoughts regularly, one begins to believe that he is also a reality.

So it helps to be aware of the fact that although there is a current pandemic, this is at the Moment, our reality and does not modify it, but you can choose how you want this Situation to perceive.

Negative thoughts to let go by forgiving.

3. Choose again

The third step is to re-selection. This is a very powerful technique to get out of the hole of a fear-based thought out to lift.

The thoughts could be, for example: “I’m going to be infected with the Coronavirus and I’m scared.” or “I’m scared, because someone is coughing.”

Whatever the thought, once you accepted him and awarded, should you reach for a better thought.

The better idea in this case can be something very Simple, such as, for example, “I am healthy.” or “I’ll meet the right precautions.”

The best way to attacks step for step according to the thoughts with which you will feel better – it leads to the chaotic state.

If the fear-based thoughts continue, you will get a certain amount of momentum, and this is difficult to resolve. You should search using the “Choose again”-method to find a solution, rather than to promote them even further.

Antonia Hagedorn

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