Around the holidays salary curls-full of Goodies. Discipline and Counting calories have eliminated a lot of consistently from the agenda. However, unrestrained consumption can not only have a few pounds more, but also the energy down screw: The Low after the feast, also known as Schnitzel, or a food coma known to know many people. If the tight pants, and you actually want to sleep just yet, it is soon over with the celebration mood. These tips will help against the paralyzing fatigue.

As it comes to the food coma?

The Deep, rich meals, in the jargon also as “postprandial fatigue”, is, according to medical professionals completely natural. The cause is the increased blood supply to the stomach, for the latter, if he is in full swing and nutrients is split. As a result, the blood pressure drops, which in turn leads to fatigue. A further role of the awake hormone Orexin Mach: Due to the increase of blood glucose levels plays after the intake of carbohydrates is reduced in its production and we limp. The following tips can help:


“The Excess of salt to get rid of, we need a lot of water,” says Jennifer Stack, assistant Professor of the Culinary Institute of America, to GQ. “And a glass of water or liquid, can counteract an Excess of gastric acid and thus the heartburn and the stomach to avoid burning.” In the case of a salt excess you should keep an eye on a sufficient intake of fibre. Fiber absorb water and thus salt, which the digestive system can work as it should. In addition, water does not apply the brakes contrary to widespread myths, the digestion, but also supports you even. (Also read: New study explains the context of Slimming and meal times)

Chewing gum

Even if it is not just the etiquette: Jennifer Stack, recommends to chew gum. In order not to avoid the food coma, but the chewing gum help, but if it has already occurred. “It stimulates the flow of saliva, which in turn promotes the production of stomach acid, and thus the contents of the stomach towards the small intestine transported – even if it takes a while,” explains Stack.


A trip to the gym is of course not recommended on a full stomach. However, moderate exercise stimulates the digestion in a gentle way and reduces food the elevated blood sugar levels after the feast. As a result, the activity of the pancreas is throttled and reduces fatigue. Expert Stack recommends a walk: “There are no significant burns calories, but in contrast to the Lying or Sitting position, it keeps the digestive tract in motion.”

Really dangerous the food coma will be explained in the rarest of cases, such as David Levitsky, a Professor of psychology and nutrition at Cornell University in Ithaca,: “Some people may suffer a hypertensive attack – the blood pressure rises, and it can also be dangerous, if you have a weak artery that bursts or an aneurysm – usually, this condition improves but after a couple of hours.”

Also important: alcohol in moderation

One or the other glass in good company, many people connect the same with Christmas, such as delicious food. Much more, it should not be but also. “Prosecco, champagne, the classic Sherry or a beer are well suited to loosen the stomach acid,” explains Dr. Christian Prince, Director of the Wuppertal Helios clinic for gastroenterology to the news magazine “der Spiegel”. “This ensures an excellent pre-digestion.” It is important not to overdo it. “The Aperitif should not contain more than 20 percent alcohol by volume,” said the doctor. “Otherwise, the alcohol inhibits strongly the movements of the intestine.”

Also from the popular “digestive” should let the Finger. High-proof drinks to block scientific findings that the nerves that activate the pumping action of the digestive tract. “The stomach is basically a large muscle that pumps continuously and the food in the direction of the bowel be emptied,” says the Prince to the “mirror”. “I am a true enemy of brandy after dinner,” said Prince. “Generally speaking, I see a high percentage is a positive approach to health.”

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