That the Smartphone battery lasts longer, is a noble goal. However, some manufacturers, in addition to shoot, especially with Android mobile devices via the aim: to prohibit many Apps to be running in the Background.

This leads, for example, that you will get no notifications of new messages from the Messenger.

Or it prevents the Corona-Warning App by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in a timely manner or at all, prior to risk encounters warns not to Covid-19 Sufferers, when you start the application just by yourself.

The developer will also document in the FAQ to the App. Many people are likely to ask because of the reports of problems with the Corona-Warning App still, if they want to do something.

The Warning, the App can check

For all Apps, the following applies: In most cases, such problems in the phone settings to solve.

Thus, users do not have to search long and to be able to quickly determine whether you are affected or not, is in the current Version of the Corona-Warn App (Version 1.1.1 from the 20. July) to find a link in the device settings in office exam.

This test is achieved by selecting the top taps right into the App on the three perpendicular to each other arranged points, and “settings”.

At the very bottom, under ” – Priority background activity,” one can immediately see, whether the function is “On” or “Off”. They should be enabled to do nothing more.

Ran to the slide

You should not be activated, tap on “Priority background activity”. It is a new window in which you pull the slider to the “On”Position is now open.

Shortly thereafter, Android then asks in a small Pop-up window: “To run the App in the Background?” The Users need to and then tap on “Allow” to confirm.

Then an Update

For the case that an outdated Version of the App is not installed, the setting provides help, open the Google Play Store and tap on the icon with the three horizontal superposed strokes the upper left of the input field for the search.

Then you select Installed on “My Apps and games/” and typed in the list on the box “Upgrade” after the entry of the Corona-Warning-App.

In the application itself, the version number can be found in the menu at the very bottom, if you tap on “App info”.

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