Emre Yildiz from Duisburg is 18 years old. His Diagnosis: Cancer Of The Liver. Vicious. Since January, he is fighting against the disease. His courage and his Smile, he has not lost this time however. On Instagram, he shares his serious way, and makes other hopes.

Emre Yildiz has always been a fighter. But while he fought earlier on the football field for the win, battling the 18-Year-old is now against cancer. Last January, the enthusiasts realized that something was wrong. “Something was weird. […] I have this pain in the side, and was pale,” said Emre Yildiz, the “WAZ” to.

A visit to the doctor turned his life completely upside down. Because after surgery, the diagnosis: liver cancer. Vicious.

“Cancer is just a Tier"

But Emre said the fight against cancer. Since the diagnosis, the 18-Year-old shares his story on the photo platform Instagram with his followers. Including many emotional moments. Between Selfies of sooner football pictures and images with your friends and families pictures of mix from the hospital. All images are provided with the same words: “never Lose your Smile” and “cancer is just an animal”.

And Emre doesn’t. With his captions, he leaves his Followers in his day. Especially hard it was for Emre than him, shortly before his second chemotherapy the first hair fell out. “[…] It was a Moment where me, the names are all right,” he wrote at the time. The decision, his hair shave their head, was not easy for him. But Emre remained positive: “After 15 minutes, we were able to laugh about my bald head. Allah be praised, I am now very happy, looks good, or?“

Also of the severe chemotherapy – four, he has brought behind – told Emre on his profile: “One feels that it is day-to-day harder. Am very exhausted, tired, have pain in the limbs.“ But, as always, the young people remained positive: “I’m excited, because I know that I’m almost at my goal.”

Cancer is only a Chapter, not the whole story

Cancer, wrote Emre in one of his Posts, should be for him only a Chapter, not his whole story. And that he can be of the diagnosis neither his courage nor his Smile has to take, proves the 18-Year-old on all of his pictures.

The Doctors, according to Emre had a good chance, reported the “WAZ”. We must wait and see whether or not he continues to be cancer cells are present. Because if Yes, follow the next chemotherapy. “Afraid I already have, but I’m not giving up,” said the 18-year-old fighter.