Thanks to our sedentary lifestyle, health problems arising due to a poor posture are becoming increasingly common. A bad posture, which usually is a result of the amount of time we spend sitting in front of our computers or being hunched in front of our phones, not only causes health problems such as back pain but also makes us feel low, tired and sluggish. However, with the right exercises, you can definitely correct your bad postures. Here’s what fitness experts Jinnie Gogia Chugh and Ilu Singh suggest you do.

How to know if your posture is incorrect

1)If you have rounded shoulders, you slouch, your head is tilted forward and your knees are bent, then you can tell yourself that your posture is poor.

2)If you have a straight line from your ear to shoulder to your hip then you can say that your posture is good.

5 exercises that can help fix a bad posture

1)Reverse plank and reverse plank bridge

These are among the most effective exercises to fix your back, and effectively, remove your slouch. This exercise specifically targets your hip abductors, hip adductors, hip flexors, and the lumbar spine. Reverse plank and reverse plank bridge strengthen also your lower back, which is essential for good posture.


For good posture, your back needs to be straight. And if there is one exercise that straightens and strengthens your lower back, it is the deadlift. Good posture is also the result of a strong core, legs and hips. Deadlifts work all three in one movement.

3)Face pulls

If you slouch or have developed a hunchback, then face pulls are just what you need. A hunched back is usually caused by having tight chest muscles and weak upper back muscles. Face pulls work by strengthening your upper back and rear delts.

4)Goblet squat

Apart from developing your leg muscles, goblet squats also stretch your hip flexors, abductors and lumbar spine. Their stretchability is essential for good posture. Their tightness or rigidity can lead to bad posture.


It goes without saying that if your core muscles are weak, then you tend to slouch or slump forward, which again leads to poor posture. One of the most simple and effective exercises to strengthen your core and correct your posture is planks, a comprehensive exercise for the core.

First Published: Nov 24, 2018 15:53 IST

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