You are just in a muscle building phase or are stuck in a diet want a little flab to lose, and yet the summer in all its facets enjoy? Your favorite ice cream from your favorite ice cream parlor a couple of streets further is definitely?

Then go for it! You’re not gonna believe this, but even in a diet ice cream is allowed. That sounds almost too good to be true? However, in fact, possible.

The secret is called ‘Flexible Dieting’ or ‘IIFYM’ – If it fit’s your macros.

We will explain you how to summer with ice cream & Co. can enjoy, without remorse, and new pockets of fat on the hips. So, grab your ice cream, sit back, and let’s go…

What exactly is Flexible Dieting?

The ‘Flexible Dieting’ is also the phrase “If It Fits Your Makros” (IIFYM), known in English as the ‘If it’s in your macros to fit’.

This is not a diet, but a healthy diet for more Balance and well-being. Even bodybuilders use this System for many years. Muscle building and fat supports removal by the flexible eating.

In order to get a well-shaped, fit body, you can eat all the food – there are no prohibitions in the “Flexible Dieting”. Each of us is unique, none are alike. Therefore, it is important that you your diet, so create that it fits you and you are not only a great look, but also happy.

What you should when Flexible Dieting in mind?

The highlight: Everything, what you eat, you should be caloric with a fitness tracker, or a calorie-tracker-App hold. As long as you’re not going over your daily sales, but 250 to 500 calories below it lie, you automatically calorie deficit is the magic word.

Under macros, it understands “macro-nutrients” – carbohydrates, fats, and protein. These three main be tracked nutrients mainly. In a diet or in the muscle building phase, this ratio should be as follows:

  • 45 Percent Carbohydrates
  • 30 Percent Fat
  • 25 Percent Proteins

Your basic metabolic rate you can find out with our BMR calculator will quickly

Advantages and disadvantages of Flexible Dieting

The main advantage of the “Flexible Dieting” is, as the Name suggests, the high degree of flexibility. Eat ice cream or a spontaneous Pizza night with friends and family is possible, as long as it fits in your calorie balance.

You also get an insight into how many calories of food and dishes included, and get a quick sense of what is healthy and unhealthy.

Furthermore, Binge Eating is avoided thanks to the “Flexible Dieting”.

Binge Eating describes a Esstörung, when the Affected person is always the victim of periodic cravings are.

This leads to a complete loss of control over one’s own eating, because in this period we eat not due to Hunger but out of emotional Stress.

In this eating habits up to a strong feeling of fullness are usually rich in fat or sweet food–. Subsequently, the Concerned and disgusted about themselves, followed by severe guilt.

Since there are no prohibitions in the “Flexible Dieting”, be hot bypassed hunger attacks and thus Binge Eating.

A disadvantage of the “Flexible Dieting” could be that the continuous, gap-free, detailed calorie counting is very time-consuming and after a while, as half-hearted, it could be done.

Not only the macro-nutrients should be kept in view, but also the micro-nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. This is especially for all those is important, the physical sports and thus a well-functioning body need. Without micro nutrients, the body is not very efficient.

And since we’re on the subject: “Flexible” is Dieting not a free pass to treat yourself without hesitation chocolate, French fries or Pizza. You should also be on this diet rather than the exception.

FIT FOR FUN-conclusion

Is it really wise to treat yourself to everything in a diet or in a muscle building phase? This keeps our FIT FOR FUN-food scientist Andra Schmidt from the “Flexible Dieting”:

“I think that it is quite useful in the summer, the ice or the trendy to approve Beyond Meat Burger. Food should be fun. There is nothing worse to ban food, and thus run the risk of sliding into an eating disorder. There are no prohibitions, there are no feelings of guilt. Goodbye, Food Cravings. Good-Bye, And Binge Eating.

This does not mean, of course, that you should do it every day, with an ice-cream or Pizza on the Sofa comfortably.

Keep to your macros and micro nutrients, cook fresh and balanced, and you train in the week so often to put want to without you.”

Antonia Hagedorn, Andra Schmidt

*The post “how to Remove: Therefore, you can comes in your diet, eat ice cream” by FitForFun. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.