Yesterday in the swimming pool, been sick today? In spite of daily Review and added Chlorine in the swimming Pool germs, the chemistry, defy, or in such great quantity that they are sick. What you can do about it.

  • The pool in the outdoor swimming pool is nothing more than a huge bathtub for thousands of people and each brings his germs.
  • Conjunctivitis, diarrhea, and rash from the swimming pool are particularly common.
  • The most important protection measures: do not swallow water and the best swimming goggles to wear.

Sick instead of refreshed from the outdoor pool – it happens more often than you think. Although chemicals such as chlorine or ozone to keep the bacteria levels in the Pool as low as possible, the risk of infection is relatively large.

Because with skin particles, hair, sweat, cosmetics such as sun creams and, not least, faecal bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites enter daily into the water. They can cause dangerous infections. Ultimately, the outdoor pool is nothing else than a huge bath on hot days, tens of thousands of people. And not every one would share home, own bath…

Warm, shallow water is contaminated most

To The Right. Because the warm water, which has examined many people and in a moist environment are an ideal breeding ground for swimming pool-infections, “even if the water is chlorinated,” warns Christopher Ohl from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina, checked in a study of the water quality in swimming Pools and the Occurrence of swimming-pool infection.

The risk for these diseases, especially when the water is shallow and warm. A tiny SIP of that, or water in the eyes, the ears, the nose and the genital openings, can then trigger one of the frequent swimming pool infections.

Swimming pool conjunctivitis (conjunctivitis) of chlorine plus germs

The eyes are red, burning and sometimes they ignite properly. Cause of the to swimming pool water disinfection used chlorine, which attacks the protective tear film of the eye, such as the German ophthalmological society (DOG) warns. Particles of dirt and germs can penetrate. As a first aid eye drops are artificial tear fluid.

“To keep the discomfort longer than 24 hours, should be Affected, consult an eye doctor to a possible infection ruled out,” advises Philip Maier, head of the center of gravity of the cornea and conjunctiva diseases at the University hospital of Freiburg.

Chlamydia can go to the eye

Sometimes chlamydia are the cause of these eye infections. The bacteria that trigger is known to have a venereal disease. In certain forms (serotypes A to C), however, cause a severe inflammation of the eyes. The sexually transmitted disease (serotype D) are not able to get in the pool however the bathing water, but only about Sex.

Preventing swimming pool conjunctivitis: swimming goggles for people who wear glasses there ground swimming goggles. Contact lenses should be avoided while Swimming, you can eyes on eye. In addition, can settle germs and fungi in the Material and severe infections trigger.

Swimming pool-Otitis, ear infection after Swimming

The ears are itching, burning, pain, the ear canal is visible in red, are the symptoms of a swimming pool ear infection, medically Otitis externa. In contrast to the classical middle ear inflammation of the outer ear canal is affected. If the symptoms have not subsided after a day by yourself, you should go to the ENT doctor. Cause of swimming pool-Otitis pathogens such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which triggers by the way, inflammation of the skin.

Preventing swimming pool-Otitis: After the Swim, the ears with a tap water rinse, and then with a fatty cream to RUB in.

Hot tub Dermatitis with rash and itching

Trigger the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Because the risk for this infection, especially in small tanks where the bacterial load is often quite strong, was called the disease of the skin hot tub Dermatitis.

About one to four days after the visit to the outdoor swimming pool, an itchy rash occurs, often accompanied by fever and swelling of the lymph nodes. Mostly the hot tub Dermatitis heals after one to two weeks, otherwise you should go to the doctor.

Preventing hot tub Dermatitis: After the bath, shower thoroughly, and using moisturising body lotion RUB.

Warts water the skin softens and makes it vulnerable

One to several weeks after the visit to the swimming pool can be the size of a pinhead warts occur, which have a Dent. This Dell warts are highly contagious. However, they are harmless and only cosmetic, especially if they occur in wide variety. Trigger the Molluscum contagiosum Virus. Usually, the immune system has defeated after a few months of the pathogens and immunity against the virus is in the future.

Prevent the swimming pool-warts: the drier the skin is, the easier it is in the water, bloated, and germs can penetrate. Therefore before bathing, the skin a good lotion.

Diarrhea and vomiting due to disgust-germs

Coli-bacterial (Intestinal bacteria) and Cryptosporidium (parasites, also from the intestine) in many swimming pools available. The Problem: especially Cryptosporidium is immune to chlorine. “Chlorine alone is not enough. Only if the water is purified by additional filter systems, UV or ozone treatment, can be eliminated, the resistant pathogens