Blimey, it’s a bit cold here isn’t it? I’ve just spent a week running in the Caribbean on the beautiful island of Nevis (yeah, I know, feel sorry for me, don’t you?) where the coolest it ever got, in the middle of the night, was about 29 degrees. This made every run something of a sweatfest, though being accompanied on 6am runs by monkeys and donkeys and waved at by hermit crabs more than compensated. Though it really must have been very very hot to have driven me to do two whole runs on a treadmill (a total of 10k, thus pretty much doubling my annual treadmill mileage).

As well as some very hot runs, I did a fair amount of swimming – I’m signed up for the two mile Serpentine swim in September, for which my goal can be summarised as “don’t sink”. Pool swims on Caribbean islands are one thing, two miles of goose-poo and cold(er) water are quite another. I’ll have to venture into an open water lake or at least lido soon.

So over to you – who was racing this weekend, and how are all your various ailments/injuries/niggles looking? As always, share your triumphs and woes below the line.

Ps. Forgive me the late start today, I am jetlagged and not entirely sure what time zone I am in. Arriving back overnight on Saturday/Sunday also meant no long run yesterday, so wish me luck attempting that later today on not-nearly-enough-sleep.

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